Wednesday, April 16, 2014

april, do better--especially on mom's birthday

Please. Do better.  This is a phrase of Kirsten's and it's so appropriate for tonight.

Jay plugged in the Christmas lights again for a joke.
 Good thing we swept the patio and got the furniture out, eh?

But this crazy day is also my mother's birthday.

Here's a picture of the two of us, taken some time ago. 

And here's a picture from not so long ago--her helping me babysit, cuddling her great-grandson while her grandson practices reading.


Okay, so.  I absolutely know how lucky I am, having her for a mom.

And how lucky all the kids are with her as their grandma.

John has told all the little kids, "Grandma's got your back."  And it's true. Nobody loves, forgives, understands, encourages, believes in us more.

Happy Birthday, Mom.   love forever, Val and Everybody

Monday, April 14, 2014

lord have mercy

So I came wandering home late tonight and it's cold out, like 30 degrees F.  That's not a warm temperature for mid-April.

Well, I came into my house and it felt like a toaster oven in the face. I didn't think that much about it--cold to warm, makes sense

But then I went down to the office to transfer money from one account to another to write out the checks for taxes due tomorrow, and it was hot in the office.

That's not right.  The office tends to be drafty and cold-ish.  We have our aunt's space heater down there over the winter for a reason.

Papers were printed and stuff paid and the envelopes dealt with.  Sweat broke out.  I was doing that thing I do with my bangs when I'm dying of heat.

The envelopes were thrown on the cabinet near the door, signed, sealed, delivered, and as I headed for the kitchen, happened to glance at the thermostat.

SOMEONE had pushed the dial up to 82 degrees.   Our house is consistently 5 degrees hotter than the thermostat says.  It's an old house and an old thermostat, so we know this device well.

Who did this?

Lydia.  "The temperature in Philippe's tank was not warm enough..."

Oh, Sweet Jesus, yes, let's heat up an entire house over 3,000 square feet to over 80 degrees to warm up a 4" gecko.

I did not scream or rant, just turned the dial down to 66 degrees where we normally have it, which heats the home to about 72, and mentioned the light should be used instead, and was he okay? 

Oh yes, he's fine.

Praise God.
Okay then.   I feel like opening a window, it's still so damned stuffy in here.

Sigh. Ei-yi-yi.

Lydia, I love you so dearly, you can't even imagine.    love, MOM and DAD and the gas company too, probably, lol.  xo.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

finally, spring

Nothing to report of any importance, no surprises there.  But the sun was warm and we were inspired to get the patio furniture out.

These two ate hot dogs outside in the sun.

In other news, the candy for the Easter pinata has been purchased and installed.  As I was putting the candy into the pinata, I popped something in my mouth I thought was Sixlets.

No.  Gobstoppers. Hard as rocks, gonna break my fillings and choke my babies.

So the pinata had to be emptied and the contents examined again.  We got it now.  Maria laughed way too hard about it all.

Yes, indeed.   Happy April.  love, Val

Thursday, April 10, 2014

sibling day

National sibling day, what a great idea.   It's late, but a lot of random clicking on files on an external drive--this could go on all night.

That's Dan, Heidi, and John above, and John's kids below:

 Dan's and Alicia's kids:

 Dan, James, and John:

 The oldest son and the youngest son:

 That card Lydia made for James' friend when he headed out east to boarding school:

Dand John:

 My little brother and our grandpa:

 A favorite always:  Dad, me, and Pam:

This could go on all night. Time for bed.

love you all so,   Val

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

lydia's fourteenth

We had the big party on Saturday, so just a little tiny one yesterday. 

It was fun.
 Here's the gecko, doing well.

 There he is, tiny and sweet.

And here's Lydia--we had cheesecake because she loves it.

Kari, Kari, Kari.  Karinka Doodle, mine baby Schnoodle--here you are getting so grown up.  Next year:  SCHOOOOL!!   Exciting.  I hope you love it.  I hope fourteen is a wonderful year.

All the fun we've had with you in the family--truly, there are a LOT of old Kari stories.   Thanks for being ours--our kid, our sister, our buddy.   Obviously the whole family would be severely lacking without you.

Lucky us, having you.   Happy Birthday, love Mom and Dad and Everybody

Sunday, April 6, 2014

pictures from the party 4-5-14

 Yeah, we've got a bunch of birthdays in one week.

 Miss Fourteen--her birthday is tomorrow:

And that is the end of that.   love you all, Mom