Wednesday, May 20, 2015

two weeks old

 Here she is, in a very pretty picture Heidi took, perfect little lips, perfect little toes.

Here's Heidi making the most of her maternity leave, sacked out in the recliner in the living room, p.j. off playing Barbies with Julia, far enough away so we don't have to overhear their arguing.

 Here's my girl hugging her baby sister.   I teased her today as I kissed her cheeks, "You have not come to my house and watched George or warmed up my back for WEEKS now.  We used to do that every DAY."  She laughed, told me she loved me.

These are the Little and Scrunched pictures.

It's easy to get those of a newborn.  I admire photographers who get them to sleep and then pose them and take fancy pictures that capture their perfect miniature toes and eyelashes.

Newborns are hard to get good pictures of.   This little girl is so completely delectable, but here she looks just little and scrunched.

Sweetness everywhere.

This little baby sister is such a little morsel.

And her cousin babies born this winter are turning into PEOPLE already.

This spring is once in a lifetime.

love all you crazy little tiny girls, Grandma

Sunday, May 17, 2015

a long weekend

It's been a long week, emotional and strange.

Alicia's grandpa died this week, which was part of it.

This picture was taken tonight at the funeral home, her little brother with the tiny sister on his lap, sticker books spread out over a table in this formal room.

Yeah, it's like this right now.

Alicia's grandpa John is among the angels, no doubt about that.  And he's equipped the rest to manage without him, even in a state of loneliness, they are equipped.  He did that.


It's a strange world, and in times like this it's easy to start to get at each other along the way.

No, no, no.

We're not doing that.   All we have is each other.


love, Val

Saturday, May 16, 2015

a great saturday

We went to the lake, just for the day.  This baby was there with her cheeks.

 Kids on a bunk with Ipads.

 The trailers were put in place.

 John treated us to lunch at some weird restaurant in town.

They were nice. The portions were huge.

Dan's teasing his nephew something about the ketchup.

 A soccer game back at home.

 She got hot playing soccer and wanted to swim.  The water is icy, the dock needs a coat of paint.

 This pool had warm water in it.

 A turtle was found, about the size of a quarter:

 Grandpa and the child turning the turtle to the swamp:

 A fine puzzle, fully assembled:

 And this is a picture Alicia had on Instagram of a most beautiful little girl:

And now it's the end of Saturday, and Sunday is looking fine.

love always, Val

Thursday, May 14, 2015


 We had a few kids here tonight, getting babysat.

 Tim's good. He can keep happy three kids at once.

 He made me laugh very much today. We had packed bologna sandwiches and were heading off, going to eat those sandwiches for lunch.

Maria expressed her scorn for bologna, "What is it, anyway?"

Tim answered, "I'm not sure, but I think I can hear it quacking now."

 Okay, and here we successfully pouched the baby.  She was zonked, mouth hanging open, breathing deeply.

Onward.  love forever, Val

Sunday, May 10, 2015

happy mother's day

 We did have a good day, brunch at Heidi and Joe's.  Heidi's mother in law gifted her with a housecleaner, so someone came and cleaned.

Then Joe did neatening and so forth last night so it was all ready.  Maria and I weren't even needed at all.

 It's been a crazy couple weeks and I haven't seen these kids in about two weeks. I was so happy when it was today.

 That one, Tim's nephew--I snatched the bag of Ipads from his hands and said no Ipads until I have hugged you.  

He indulged me and we wrapped our arms around each other on the couch and talked about how summer is coming and also some fun sleepovers and the cabin.  I rubbed my nose in his hair.

And then they got started on the Minecraft.

 There was fruit and waffles, sausage and egg bake, a total feast.

 Here's my mom, beaming with Heidi's new baby in her arm.

 Him, he's just a funny character, full of sass.

 Here's the pile of teddy bears on p.j.'s bed.

 And the big, giant mylar balloon p.j. brought to her little sister in celebration.

It was involved in some kind of attack, but it survived.  That picture on the wall is a crewel kit my mother made for me when Heidi was born.

Now it's here in this bedroom.

 This child looks so much like t.c. did as a baby. She's kind of hilarious.

 And this sweetheart, has the fairest, tenderest skin.  She's long and tall, and talked to me today, vowel sounds and chirping that always get me right in the throat.

How can people--people who are this tiny, who can't even really use their hands yet--turn to the people around themselves in friendship?

I don't even know.

But see Dan there, with that young squirrel on his lap?

That squirrel is going to be one of the best friends his life will ever hold, as I have found him and his brothers and sisters to be in my life.

Thank you, Mom for the friendship you have always extended to me.

And thank you kids too for making me and my mom feel lucky, and appreciated, and loved.


love always, Val, aka MOM, aka GRANDMA