Tuesday, February 13, 2018

happy ninth birthday

 Crazy!  Nine years of you?

You are just so you, so chatty and funny, lots of ideas, so much energy.

And I have also seen you when you're angry--truly a spectacular huff thrower, honestly.

That's an art, and you've got it.  And now and then a huff is an entirely appropriate response to life.  I understand that completely.

The skiing lessons on Saturday sounded like so much fun.

I'm so happy your birthday was a great day, and we can't wait to spend the weekend with you kids.

Happy Birthday!

Love forever, Grandma and Grandpa and Everybody

Sunday, February 11, 2018

kids and carnival

 Jay helped me re-do the hanging lamp in Julia's room.  We trimmed off the extra dangly chips and attached this one instead.  It turned out even better than I expected.

 These guys were here while their parents went to a wedding, so we had a long afternoon and evening together.  They played video games for a while--their very favorite thing.  That Wii is so old that it's touchy and they get frustrated, but we kept trying until it worked.

Bouncing baby:

 At 3:30 we headed for the Mardi Gras carnival at church.  It's pretty tame, but festive, and the kids were happy to be there, enthusiastic participants.

This was where they spray paint hair.

 Waiting their turns, very excited to be the proud winner of an entire 2 liter bottle of lemonade.

 They are throwing bean bags at the little stuffed animals.  Lots of winners on this game.

 I love this little retro kitchenette in the back of this room upstairs.
 Supper was served--hot dogs and sloppy joes, chips and coleslaw, cookies and ice cream.

I guess it wasn't ice cream, it was Culver's custard, donated by the pastor's parents who own a Culvers Restaurant.

 That face painting--I think he told me it's a Cyborg?  I don't know what that is, but he looked good.

 And then we came home and silly kids enjoyed the evening.
Thanks to you kids for making a boring Saturday in February so much fun.  Onward to Sunday.

So much love,  Grandma

Thursday, February 8, 2018

florida dogs

 I love the beach pictures, and how beautiful Florida is--all the darn time.

And I love how Instagram and Facebook keep us in contact every day, so a thousand miles doesn't feel anywhere near as far away as it once did.

So much love,

Love, MOM

Sunday, February 4, 2018

so much sickness

 This girl was here with her brother on Friday. She's fine at this point, but her daycare was closed.  But her brother had a rash and wasn't well.  He had to leave school early on Monday because he didn't feel well, and both the parents and older brother were sick too at points in the last week or so.

John's family has been sick.  He had the flu and it made its way through the house.  I think they're all well again.  I hope.

We had sick people here this weekend too.  Why??

The brother showed me this toy and explained something about the flower between the princesses.  It has something to do with The Beast. It loses petals or something.   I tossed Beauty and the Beast from the house years ago, and did not remember this.

But there you go:

Here they are, hopefully feeling better this week.

And tonight there is more puking at Heidi's. 


Love, Grandma

Saturday, February 3, 2018

ice skating

 Last night I said they should wear helmets, but she refused, "I have seen spiders in those horrible helmets!"

Last summer maybe. Spiders are all froze to death now. (We store the helmets in the playhouse in the back  yard.)   Julia said they wouldn't fit her.

Okay, fine.  Just remember: One time Dannell fell playing broomball at the park, and hit her head on the ice and had a concussion and we had to go to the Emergency Room.  She was confused and kept asking us why her head hurt so badly.  When they asked for her address, asked where she lived, she frowned, and then didn't even try to give an address, just pointed at John and me and said, "I live with them."

Be careful.

They were.  Grandpa took them while I was showing a house, so they were supervised.They fell a lot, but no injuries. Eventually they just ran around in their boots.  And then there was hot chocolate, homemade ravioli for supper, and a trip to Target.

Happy Saturday!

Love, Grandma

toddler gym with grandpa

 He was home on Wednesday, jobs not lining up, so we coaxed him along to Toddler Gym.  He liked it.  The place was packed--everyone must have felt like getting out of the house.

Love, Grandma

photos of and by the baby

 February arrived with more light and longer days--so happy to turn the page on that calendar.

Tim had an eye doctor appointment, and this kid is a bit rambunctious for that office, but Heather was happy to stay with her.  Heather is creative in entertaining her, and as long as they're safe, that's all I really care about, and they are.

So, the child went shopping in the cabinet where we used to store homeschool crap and miscellaneous art supplies.  It definitely kept her busy.  There was a big sheet of contact paper, older than the hills, yellowed along the sides that amused her all day.  I threw it away in the evening.

 Then the little one started taking the pictures, and there were some good ones. This is cute of Heather, even with the thumb in the way.

Oh yeah, cords.



Love, Val