Wednesday, January 18, 2017

braces happening!

 This is our quickly growing Elin, asleep in the shoe pile near the back door.  She's about as sweet as candy, velvety and goofy clumsy.

This is Julia who got her Invsalign orthodontia today, excited!

She has no teeth called the Laterals.  Congenital defect.  I am missing one molar.  John two.  Julia has no laterals--the teeth between the front teeth and the eye teeth.    It's a huge problem that was never going to go away.

 Here are the little Invisalign trays in their case.  New ones every two weeks.  Rubber bands pull the eye teeth back as the trays squeeze the front teeth into place, creating a space for those missing laterals.   Later on she can get implants.   A bridge or a partial plate called a flipper could also work to fill that space.

Happy day and onward.


Love, Val

Monday, January 16, 2017

time to go home

 This was our last evening, very lovely.

We walked the beach and the city for a couple hours, air soft and warm.

And that's the end.  In the morning we walked the beach some more and headed to the airport in the afternoon.

It was good to come home, get back to our kids and back to work.

But it's good to know that a long ways away, this place is still there.

Love, Val


 Boca de Tomatlan--we've been here before.  It's a beautiful little cove south of Puerto Vallarta, quiet  town, tourist shops, water taxis, a couple restaurants on the beach.

 The river comes from the mountain and meets up with the ocean at the beach.

Gorgeous.   Love, Val

puerto vallarta zoo, part 2

 Being cut into the mountain, the paths first lead up and up and up.

 This is the top where there's a station with air conditioning, tables, conference room, patio.

 We hung out here a little while before heading back down the paths again.

 This is the food for the turtles:
 There they are, resting in the sun.
 And in the water:
 It was hard to see a guy this wild and beautiful in a cage.  We fed him a couple peanuts.

 Lhamas were friendly and ate carrots.
 It says not to feed the pigs because they can become aggressive.

 They all looked pretty docile, but that's fine.  Not taking chances.

Love, Val

puerto vallarta zoo, part 1

 We've been here before, but had one last day to spend, so we headed south to the zoo and Boca.

The zoo is cut into the sides of the mountains in the jungle, very pretty.

 This guy wanted peanuts.

 Zoos are.  Well.  You know. The animals look fine, though perhaps a bit bored.  There are other ethical questions too.

This one has eyes like our puppy Elin.

 These guys come right up and open peanut shells.

 These are fake, thankfully.

Love, Val