Tuesday, May 24, 2016


She's been taking gymnastics all winter, and she's getting better.  With a million cartwheels through the house and around the yard all day long, to be expected, I guess.


 Anyway, she loved being part of this group, and had a totally great time.

These from yesterday, where the mud was plentiful.

And this--I knew Maria would be thrilled by this notification, and she was.

Anyway, onward.

Wednesday awaits.

love always, MOM

Sunday, May 22, 2016

cabin weekend

 Summer's here!
 She found a mosquito on her arm and was sure she was dead of Zika virus.

Zika has not made it to Wisconsin so far that we know of.

 Time to repaint the dock.  First we scraped it as much as we could:
 Look how pretty the evening was:

 Back inside, who knows what?

 We found flooring, 67 cents a square foot, fake oak vinyl, which is what I want. I don't want to worry about wet bathing suits or towels, dog dishes, coolers.  

It's neutral and nice, time to be rid of 30 year old carpeting.


 Oh yeah, we got junk.  Life jackets galore. Blow up toys. What could be the meaning of it, even?

 Sidney and Tim:

 Morning sunshine:
 Freshly painted dock:

May's reaching the end, and hello June!  One more week.

Love, Val

the antique shop

 Up at the lake there are numerous antique shops, tourist little town that it is.  But then there's this one--it's big, outside town, and full of rambling nonsense and treasures.

This is where Kari's taxidermy bobcat came from, back in the day, the one my dad bought her when she was tiny.

Anyway, we went up there on Saturday and the owner came around shutting off lights and found me in the barn.  I told him the kids love this place, had asked to come here.

He and his staff are extremely nice to children, and I've commented on this to him before.  He waved his hand, "Let em come here. They're the future.  If they like this old junk, they got a friend in me."

He went out front to where the gang was back in the van, having heard inside that they were getting ready to close.

He stuck his head in the van and thanked them for coming by, said come again, anytime.

So sweet.

With love, Val

baby cousins and other cuties

 These little baby cousins are so sweet.  They don't talk yet, but they take care of baby dolls and ramble around together.

 They're got their own communication, and it's very sweet.

 This cutie, playing guitar hero after school:
 And this one was taken outside on Friday.     We could re-paint the steps. We seem to do it every year.   Sam wears the paint off. She's that big and that powerful, her giant paws wear off the paint over a year.

But look at that baby.
 She loves it outside.

Last Friday we were joking around about the arguments p.j. and I have about the TV in the morning.

I like to watch the news.

She likes to watch insane nonsense.

She has political views, and interesting observations on the news in general.

But as soon as she thinks I'm not paying attention, she switches the station to Children's Educational TV.

Where they educate the children, all right.

I complained to Heidi last week:  "Now a frog and toad are singing about how they're alike and different.  This show kills brain cells."

"The toad and a mouse are discussing a future play date.  As if."

"Now the cat is playing a ukulele and singing toad to sleep for hibernation.  Sick."

Nowhere in nature did this ever actually happen. Cats don't play ukulele and sing toads into hibernation.

That's just not true.

We have a running joke about Kirsten's science misinformation.  She's not a scientist.  Her degrees are in Economics and Marketing Communications.   Her scientific explanations are interesting and also fanciful.

Probably she watched Children's Educational TV.

I ventured this to Heidi, "Maybe this where Kirsten learned science."

Honestly?  It's time to go back to Price Is Right.  At least it makes sense and isn't full of misinformation.

But this is true--a picture of Heidi and the girls after she ran her race yesterday:

And this one, just fun:

And a picture of Kirsten's, a Florida sunset.

Which brings us to now, the end of Sunday night.

Gratitude and love all the way around.

Love, Mom