Monday, October 24, 2016

happy birthday, kirby

Yes indeed, a day to enjoy.

This has been an interesting and amazing year in so many ways.

I hope the next year is too.

Kirsten Elisabeth?

Mine bebe?

I love you beyond all sense, and always have.

Thank you for being our girl.  Thank you for being such a spectacular aunt, understanding and always ready to laugh and encourage--the kids and the parents both.

Thank you for all the ways you are different from me which made us such a strong duo.

And I'm thankful for the ways we are the same: how entertaining we find the children, family, and pets around us, and your soft heart.

Happy Birthday, Beautiful Girl.

Thanks for being ours, all of ours.

Love forever, Mom, Dad, and Everybody


Sunday, October 23, 2016

wrapping it up

 We attempted to wrap things up.

It takes a few weekends to get everything going in the spring, and a couple weeks to get it all put away at the end.

This is what we were endeavoring to do here, though the mess definitely gets worse before it gets better.

 Why do we have all these bottles of French dressing, not opened?  Three five pound bags of sugar? (What is the meaning of this?) And as ever, why so many plastic containers, and why do the containers and lids not match?

In the middle there is a pan of Christmas Gingerbread from last year that got buried in the freezer and was recently exhumed.  I brought it to the lake this weekend to get rid of it. They made a good job of it.
 After I got thoroughly sick of finding random mouse crap and cleaning, we abandoned that and went back to the field to the swing set for a while, burn off some energy while the laundry churns.

 They were all bopping around in the pontoon boat stored away, which is fine, but don't touch any hot mufflers or pipes or anything sharp, and okay now.  Quit fooling around and let's get out of here.

 Trailer vacuumed and scrubbed and ready to take to storage:

 These guys, this trio of foolishness, or perhaps quartet now, including the baby sister with the big brown eyes:

 A nephew-uncle photo staged for dramatic effect:

 Dock was out so fast. Boom. Done.

And that is the end of that.

More work next week, but we're on our way.

Summer 2016?

You were a friend, and we thank you for that.

Love, Val and Everybody.

last boat ride of the year

 It took a bit of wrangling, lots of tired, overly-energetic kids, required actual socks, shoes, jackets with hoods, beyond just the usual throw on a life jacket.

 By the time we headed out it was turning dark--evenings are so short now at the end of October.

 These were some rowdy passengers.

 This side of the lake was smooth as glass, and that lovely fall color, dark like bottle glass.

 Dan and Alicia's baby girl:

 And then we made our way back over to the fire for baths, marshmallows in the fire, and bedtime.

It's fine, but also a little wistful to see this summer end.

Last spring we didn't imagine we'd lose Sam along the way, best grandbaby-lake-loving dog ever.

But here we are, love drawing us all forward, even the love of and for a generous, kind-hearted canine.

Love, Val