Tuesday, February 2, 2016

february is here

Snow arrived on schedule today at lunchtime, blowing and drifting, not all that cold, but slippery roads.

Inside the house, as usual, 72 balmy degrees.

 This is a picture from yesterday of two cousins playing.  She's the leader, full of ideas.  He's the willing follower.  She has elaborate story lines mapped out, which he seems to enjoy. He follows along and they don't fight.

At one point they were working from home, had an office going, papers, fake computers together at a desk.

Later they were doing laundry, pretending to wash doll clothes and hang them on the clothesline with my grandma's clothes pins.

Laundry and office??

Could there BE any more boring things to play?

I sure didn't ask any questions.

 Toys and mess were strewn end for end.

Worth it.
 And tonight, as the snow continues to fall.

This morning I wanted to find out the results of the Iowa caucus situation, so I had on the news early, rather than Wild Kratts. I do not care about their creature powers, miniaturizing and the like.

She put up with the news for a while, then complained and switched it to Nature Cat.  But then I noticed she wasn't even watching the show.  I howled, "Why'd you make me watch Nature Cat and you're not even watching it? When I want to watch the news?"

We went back and forth a little and then I realized:  I am arguing with a four year old about Nature Cat.  Go get dressed.
 And during errands, the kids wanted cocoa from Starbuck's but then argued the whole way there about whether they wanted McDonald's or not, would cocoa from McDonald's suffice or did it have to be Starbuck's cocoa and lunch at home. Or both. Or neither.  Their contentious conversation went on and on until I yelled, "You want privileges or you want to argue?"  Sometimes I'm such a cross old bag.

At least argue away from my ears.  We got cocoa.  Tim made some lovely sandwiches on toast at home. (I am NOT going to both McDonald's and Starbucks. Non.)

Welcome, February.

I certainly hope you plan to be shaping up after this unamusing mess.

love, Val

Sunday, January 31, 2016

party at dan and alicia's

And that is the end of that.  The food was delicious, the company easy-going, just a great Sunday afternoon.

Thanks for having us all, and Happy Birthday again, Jay.

I love you all, Grandma, aka MOM

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

the big five six

 He turned 56 today.

The kids baked him a cake while I was working and they frosted it and decorated it, and it was pretty delicious.

 We had this all backward, eating cake before opening presents!  Who's in charge of the order here?

Apparently no one. But it was fine.

 He growled menacingly and tore open the paper with his teeth.

 Showing off his new underwear, which the kids speculated was it scratch n' sniff underwear.

Hopefully not.
 Here he's using his ESPN to guess what's in that gift on top of his head.

Yes, we all know it's ESP.  He calls it ESPN anyway.

 He guessed, "Peanuts!"  It was mixed nuts.  We gave him the points.

 This child requested a sleepover earlier in the afternoon, so excited about Grandpa's birthday she wanted to be here for this spectacular occasion of him opening his gifts and having cake.

 We are always glad to have her or any other grandchild, absolutely.  When I texted her mom and told her the request, she said yes. ("How could I ever say no to that??")  

The child jumped for joy and ran and put her pajamas on in the middle of the afternoon.


 Always, my best boyfriend ever.

 Not that we don't drive each other insane sometimes, frustrated and annoyed.

We definitely do.
 But one of the things I admire and love most about you is something I didn't even appreciate until we were in our 40s, like we are in this lake picture.

 As much as you may bitch or be accused of negativity and so forth, you tell it how it is with you. I don't have to wonder, or guess, or fill in the blanks, or imagine all the things you're not telling me.

Oh, hell no.

You've probably already told me three times more than I want to hear.

This is a good thing.

Here's a classic from your 40th.

 I always liked you in that shirt.

And this beautiful old picture from Green Lake, John pushing the boat out or dragging it in, who knows?  Probably in. It looks like the evening is ending.

As it did today, Julia commenting on the beautiful night sky.

Happy Birthday, my dearly loved friend.

Thanks for being mine, for being ours, for being devoted and kind to our kids, and all the dogs, the turtle, the guinea pigs we've had, the geckos, both our families, your customers and mine, and also me.

Thanks for the ranting and hollering that's real and true, also.

We are all lucky having you.

Happy Birthday, Darling.  love, Val and Everybody

Monday, January 25, 2016

party in the pounce pile

 A bunch of cousins were here today, going nuts.

More would have even joined, but I couldn't be sure they'd all be safe with just little old me in charge.

 These are the baby sisters, the girl cousins, happily eating tater tots for lunch.

 She wanted her picture taken too. She's never been big on photos, or for smiling for pictures, but if Grandma is taking pictures of the babies?

We need one too.

Plus she is my sweet honey.

 And that's Mr. Charming, giving a coopertive smile.

 Tim next to the pounce pile, getting pounced on by two babies.

 They did make it outside after puzzles.  It was about 32 degrees out, soft, damp air. I told them not to trample in any dog poop, and it seems as though they did not.  Just fresh air and fun.

 Then we heard that those two kids--the daycare lady from the rest of the week now has room for them in her situation.

(insert smart-alecky vulgar kissing noise)

Alicia and I talked about this in the house and the driveway, but came to no conclusion.  If Alicia and Dan pass this by, is it an opportunity lost to secure a spot?  (In which case I can have them whenever I want anyway, but they are required to pay.)

 I don't know what to do. I've sure enjoyed these insane little Mondays. Jay was no help in any kind of decision making, even though if I take on something and have overflow work, then he has to cover for me.  He's kind like that, rolls his eyes, but steps up.   And then Napoleon jumps on the back of his neck and kicks him around. That's the kind of relationship they have.

 And that brings us to the end of a very perfect Monday.

love you all. Grandma, aka Val