Wednesday, July 29, 2015

happy birthday, alicia

 A year ago, this baby girl was almost unimaginable.

Butt this year, here she is, a full participant.

The next twelve months are looking equally spectacular.

Best wishes on your birthday and always.

Thanks for being ours.

Happy Birthday, with love for always, Jay and Val and EVERYBODY

skiing in july

love, Mom

Monday, July 27, 2015


 We headed to the sandbar to swim, just down the shore from our own cabin.

No rocks, shallow, good for little kids.

 love, Val

Sunday, July 26, 2015

weird storm clouds

 Driving to the lake last Friday, the clouds were weird and wild.

Storms pounded us at some point along the way, but it was okay.

 This gorgeous rainbow seemed to spring right up out of Shell Lake

 We didn't go searching for the pot of gold, just kept on driving

I don't even know.

Tonight we are here, back in town, no strange storm clouds to concern us.

Good night.  love, Val

Thursday, July 23, 2015


love always, Mom

being part of it

 Tuesday morning about 8:30, I sat on the patio watching her on the swings.

 There's something so incredibly touching about being part of someone else's happy childhood.

 A morning like this?  Once in a lifetime.

Love you kids,  MOM, aka GRANDMA


 This chair wore right out.    I used to scrub at it now and then when there were spills or the arms got grimy, but then it just suddenly went to holes and that soft cotton fabric was done.

Kari said to choose some fabric that's fun.   So we tried.  These two are for outdoor furniture:  stain and fade resistant, should be tough.    It'll drape differently than the original fabric, and this upholsterer kind of takes artistic freedom with his work, so it'll be interesting.

I told him to use the floral print as accent--for piping or button covers, whatever he wanted.

We'll see what he does.

First time I had a different chair recovered, it had big, puffy arms.   It came back with tight little tailored arms.


I got used to it.

Then about ten years later the chair had sat in the sun and was needing recovering again.

This time he sent it back with buttons on the back.



I'm used to them now.

So this should be interesting.

I hope it's fun, whatever he does.

love you guys, Val