Thursday, August 17, 2017

the beach

 Kirsten takes photos at the beach, and I love them.  We were there a year ago, and the beaches are amazing.

See you in a couple weeks, Kirby!  

Love, Mom and Dad and Everybody

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

tim's fifteen

 We went out for lunch, and then over to Heidi's for cake.

The dog was ecstatic:

This little peanut was so peaceful and sweet:
 Cake time!

 More cake tonight.  This cake was supposed to go into the freezer. Well, somehow it ended up in the office fridge, not in the freezer.

It was easy to cut anyway.

 After presents, she was ready for a dance party in the family room.

 I asked him if he was ready?  He said, "No! I have to put out the garbage!"

Oh yeah.

Nevermind. We will dance without you.

(He danced in the rain.)
Tim--I went looking for a few old pictures of you and found a few:

Fifteen years of YOU.

Pretty baby
 This is a picture of all the kids, taken the evening you were born:

 Father's Day, 2003:

 One week old:

Buddy, we're so glad you're in this family.  You've brought us so much happiness.  

The future is here! Can't wait to see where it takes you.

Happy Birthday!

With love for always, Mom and Dad and Everybody

Monday, August 14, 2017

baby monday

Some girls came today, along with Dan's kids, to spend time today.  The house was a wreck. We didn't care.

He announced he was sick, and Dan said it was too much Little Debbie.

Except he hadn't eaten any.
 Kari said you might get diabetes from too much Little Debbie, but not a fever.   He slept.

At one point I suggested maybe he wanted to go downstairs where the others were playing Legos and rest on that couch.  He said no.  I ventured it might be more fun than hanging out with the ladies.

He said, "What's wrong with the ladies?"

Nothing.  He turned over and went to sleep.

 At 2:30, he revived to play video games and have some Ibuprofen.

Julia, that's a funny picture.

Love, Mom

Sunday, August 13, 2017

the last of the pictures

 These two again, knee boarding:

 And this guy, right before the camera died:

 It was a great weekend, made possible by many good natured people.

I love you all very much,

Love, Mom aka Grandma, aka Val