Saturday, April 21, 2018

happy sixth birthday

Six years of you! 

 On one hand it seems like you were just born.

On the other hand, it seems like you have always been here.  We can't even imagine this family without you.

Happy Birthday, Darling.  Thank you for being ours. 

With love for always, Grandma and Grandpa and Everybody

Thursday, April 19, 2018

a sunny thursday, and moving kirsten home

These two were here, same as ever.

The new play doh was popular this week, as were the veggie straws for the baby.

Dang, I hate veggie straws.  They're just quite awful, but I'm probably not the target market.

Yesterday we dropped Jay, and Alicia's dad, Mike, off at the airport. They're going to Florida to help Kirsten load her pod and drive home, moving back home again.

Alicia's dad volunteered, and who could ever say no to his company and assistance.

As we drove away, the curly girl kept asking, "Where Papa go?"

I kept telling her he was getting on an airplane, going to Florida to bring Kirsten back home.


Then she'd ask again.

It looks like they had a good time in Florida today, packing and loading up, and still time for some foolishness:

In the morning, the drive home begins.

And it might get up to 60 degrees by the time they arrive.


Safe travels!

See you soon!

Love, MOM, aka VAL

Monday, April 16, 2018

mom's birthday in a blizzard

Yeah, it's very pretty.

Impressive drifts:

 Last night we went to my parents for cake.  Maria went there earlier and cooked pizza and we went over later.  It was perfect. 

Cake time!
A few pictures from the past:

 John playing around with her sunglasses:

Happy  Birthday, Mama.

This whole family could not even be who we are without YOU.

Lucky little old us.

Love Val and Everybody

Saturday, April 14, 2018

saturday blizzard

 These are from last week when we went to Toddler Gym.  We didn't realize, but it's over until next October.   This was the last day.

 She didn't feel very good though, and at one point asked me to carry her. Then I thought maybe she was just hungry, so we bought some little cookies from the vending machine and sat on the bench outside the door. 

She spotted this weird bug, and was very concerned about it.

 We moved to a different bench.

Then later she was hot and feverish, and threw up in the car. 


This little girl was here on Friday--went with her dad to work on Thursday to avoid germs here at this house. 
 But we had fun, just her and me. We looked in all the rooms for kids.  We went downstairs and checked out Maria's guinea pigs, and then jumped on Tim's bed, then went upstairs to look in those rooms.

Not a kid in the whole house, just us.

We watched Nature Cat, and I can tell you right now cats have never played volleyball.  Their paws are too tiny! 

Also today, Elin ran off with two pair of scissors. That's just dumb. Dogs cannot use scissors!  They lack the proper thumbs for that.

 So we went shopping and bought a plant for a friends birthday and dropped it off, and stopped by  the tile store to ask about tile.  Then we came home. Those are her purchases next to her-- a potato scrubbing brush and Easter bubbles.  And big pink cookies.

 Okay, so this--this dog takes up too much room.

 Even though it's snowing a foot today, the sunflowers the child planted last weekend have sprouted so nicely!

 And that's the end of that. There's a meatloaf cooking in the oven and we are staying home.

So much love, Val

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

pictures from the week--last week, that is

 Well, these pictures are from this week.  The light was beautiful, pink and periwinkle.

 She was here, my right hand girl:

We sorted toys and cleaned.  I threw away all the million year old potato heads and some other thing that were done for.

 This is how we contain our crawling baby, keep her away from the dog dishes and dirty shoes. I tipped the benches over and then put bins so she can't pull them over on herself when she stands up.

 She's quite fast. 
She helped out, washing all the grubby Duplo blocks. She thought this was the greatest idea ever.

 This was taken Saturday, working on James' taxes.   Yup, exciting.

 She complained she was bored, so I found her a job planting sunflowers.  Last year I planted sunflowers twice and the squirrels ate all the seeds both times. We had ZERO sunflowers.

So I had the bright idea to plant them now, and then transfer the plants outside at some future point when the damned snow ever quits.  Anyway, I assigned this job to a child. She was good. She knew what to do.

 And to her cousin b.g?  Do you see this?? These are her socks.

Of course.  (I don't really care.)

And that is the end.

Love you all so, Grandma