Tuesday, May 23, 2017

tuesday piano recital

Tonight was  Tim's piano recital, and it was wonderful.   The teacher is a sweetheart, and the kids were cute--their hard work is paying off.

Tim practices on an old Baldwin organ/electronic piano here.  It's a fancy item a friend left here a long time ago.  If she or her kids ever want it, of course they can have it back, but here it still is over 20  years later.

We also have a keyboard my parents gave us up at the lake.

Anyway, the electronic pianos have a volume on them, so Tim practices quietly, usually while I'm working in the evening, so I hear very little piano practice music, and what I do here is muffled and soft.


In two years, he has learned to play the piano quite well.   I had no idea how good at it he's become.


Love always, Mom and Dad and Everybody

Monday, May 22, 2017

a quiet weekend, monday awards

 Sunday we drove up to Jay's parents and enjoyed my mother in law's cooking, card games all afternoon, a long walk between the rain, so low-key and lovely.

 She was as good as an eight month old puppy can be, no trouble at all--lots of sniffing to do.

 Tonight was Academic Awards. Our girl, Lydia, aka Kari received an award in English, which is good since she has straight As in French. We speak English in the home--she's proficient in this language, insults and all. Maybe specifically in insults.

And an award winner in English as well.

It was a great night.
And now it's now and time to sleep.

Love always, Val

Saturday, May 20, 2017

gymnastics program

 We headed over there today in the rain for the program.  It was fun.  They did a great job.

 It's a low-key Park and Rec program--no competitions or anything involved or stressful,  but over the last two years or so, the progress is amazing.

 It's different to see all this in context, rather than the usual flips and cartwheels in the family room.

 Beautiful job, Jule!

Love, Mom and Dad and the rest of us

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

things that have been said

 Last time we were up at the lake, this child got up at 4:45 am.  Heidi was a bit crisp about the whole situation. As the child made demands at breakfast, Heidi snapped, "Just stop it now.  I'm not taking demands from terrorists."

A little while later, as she sucked down a cup of coffee, she said, "I'm parenting in a hostile situation."

There was a pause and then she said, "I'm pretty much the hostile one."

Oh, honey. 4:45 will do this.

Little Jay has gone away with Katie's family for a week and we are watching this noble creature.

He is sassy and can be a little demanding.

I think Jay and Katie kind of spoil him. He's not used to this smaller tank or being told no.

He's doing fine, actually.
 He's very cool, and has so much more personality than I imagined.

Speaking of people who don't like to be told no, and who have personality in abundance?

 She vigorously styled her grandpa's hair with the utensils from the play kitchen.

 It was definitely somewhat painful at points.

 And here's Tim, in a mild, enjoyable moment with young Elin.

Last time we were at the lake he went out to the shower house to take a shower.

Very good.

Except he forgot to take along a towel.

So there he was after his fine shower, with no way to dry off, his clothes sitting there on the bench, folded.

And him very drenched.

He said this, in all honesty:  "I really don't know how dogs do it."

Oh, Lord.

I shouldn't laugh that hard. It took my breath away.

And now it's now.  Kirsten is back in Florida again, on vacation with Little Jay.

We are here, doing what we always do.

Life is good.

Love forever, MOM

Sunday, May 14, 2017

graduation weekend!

 Maria and Sean in the middle, siblings all around.

 After the very fine graduation party this babysitting of Little Jay's bearded dragon was attended to.

 This guy is just beyond cute

 So is she.  So is her father.

 Okay, this is a good story.  One cousin wanted to steal another's baby doll, but she screamed, "She's stealing my baby!!" Deflected.  She then stole a vulnerable baby from a different cousin out by the swingset.

As the cousin screamed, she clutched the stolen baby in her teeth and RAN.

I told Heidi, "There's always that ONE kid..."


In time? Civilized behavior will prevail.  No worries.

Not even a single one.

 And here's our lovely, patient graduate with her Dairy Queen cake frozen like cement.

Delicious, but challenging to serve.

Leaving it all there.
Maria, you beautiful graduate?

Thank you for being our girl.

Nothing but love,

Mom and Everybody

Friday, May 12, 2017

kirby kind of friday

 She had the idea last night that we should do something fun this morning, so we headed for the park with some kids and we had a great time.

Julia and Kirsten made sandwiches before we left, and they were delicious.  It was a gorgeous day, 70 degrees, bright sunshine.

She fell asleep on the ride home, and yeah she slipped on the stairs and has a little bruise by her eye.

A lovely day eventually moved on to a lovely evening.  Kirsten went and met our niece's new baby and we had supper and now they're watching a movie.

In the morning, very early, we're driving to Wisconsin for Maria's granduation!

 Fridays do not come any better than this one.

Love forever, Mom

Thursday, May 11, 2017

a great thursday

 We went shopping for flowers this morning, me and her.

 Before this though, I was dozing on the couch during Curious George.  It was my favorite episode where Yellow Hat has poison ivy on his hands and has to give a presentation to scientists about how to use a special shovel.

Well I've seen it dozens of times and fell asleep.  The little girl does this thing when I doze off--she seems to always notice and she knocks on my face like it's a door.


I peeped open an eye and she held up one finger with poop on it.


I was so wide awake then, dang.
 She builds a nest under the table every day and lines the nest with all the doll clothes and costumes.

It's fine.
 We had fun.

And then at suppertime, THIS GIRL showed up from FLORIDA, where she lives it up in the sun.

It's been months now, and we were so happy to see each other.  It was a fun evening with her in the house.  The kids were happy too.

And Maria took this funny picture out on the patio earlier.

That's the end of a beautiful Thursday and Kirby is here.

Maria's college graduation is on Saturday,

So happy it's today and now.

Nothing but love,