Thursday, October 19, 2017

october lake

It is so pretty in the woods in the fall. 

The drive up was spectacular too.  As we made our way through the St. Croix River Valley I commented to Kari what a spectacular sight it was in the afternoon sun.  The sky was bright blue, the river dark indigo, and the trees all golden, orange, and red.

Here's our next door swamp, where all the peepers create racket in spring, now quiet.

 The sun and the light were so perfect late in the afternoon.

  I love this in the fall when the docks are out and the water is the color of bottle glass.

 The water was sparkling clear, could see fish swimming, and it made me incredibly lonesome for Sam.  I am fond of Elin and find her easy to indulge and be friends with, but she's a kid, a young squirrel.

I miss my real dog.

I've felt this feeling before, when Jenny and Maria died in that fire when we boarded them at the kennel, back some 25 years ago.  Spooner was a first rate dog, but that summer he was an asshole, sorry to say, damned fool puppy.

I had a broken wrist and morning sickness, and I missed my real dogs so much.
 No disrespect to Elin.  She's patient and good.  I didn't bring her kennel up today, no room. But now she's sleeping on an old quilt in the spot we normally place her kennel.  She was on the bed here with me, but got too hot.  I opened the window.

 Oh, this mess.  Jay's brother's wife Barb, gave this boat to Little Jay, a gift from her father.

It's Little Jay's boat.  And it is doggone sunk.


We'll bail it out and raise it up and at some point it'll be stored upside down back in the field.

 Renee? This huge awesomely weird mushroom?  I took a picture of it just for you.

 As I returned from the lake to the back yard, the light was still absolutely gorgeous.

 She's appealing the dead battery situation on the fake leaf blower.

Again, a problem for tomorrow.
 Those big brown eyes are something else, and the eyelashes too.

 Yes, that's an actual bike helmet worn by an actual human child, while they play around, trying to kill themselves with a large sewer pipe.

Get it away from all things you could roll off of and hit your damned heads.


 Later we played many hands of Apples to Apples, at p.j's request.  These stupid, weird beetles are so annoying.

 Last year p.j. asked me if they were angry.

Sweet Jesus, I have no idea.

Kari ventured, "Yeah, it's so hard to discern the emotions of a beetle."



They seem to be huddling for warmth or community, but I still hate them crawling into the corners of our ceilings, blech.

Back to Apples to Apples.

Part of the problem is that our version of the game is becoming dated. The pop culture references require a memory some of these kids don't have. Like I hope their social studies classes have informed them of the difference between the Revolutionary War and the Civil War.

John Lennon is different from John Philip Souza.  That's the main problem with our old Family Feud game--all 90s cultural references. The little kids are so lost.

 Her and me. Not sure who took this picture.

 And just her.
It was a fine and lovely Thursday, which turned into Friday exactly 14 minutes ago.

Love, Val

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

two park day

 Heidi had the idea we should go to this Ninja obstacle course park in Golden Valley.

Sounded great to me.

It was a beautiful park, lots of fun, kids ate lunch, it was great.

 When they got tired of it, we moved on to the Pirate Ship Park a few blocks away.

Then we came home and cruised right into late afternoon.

They wanted to play video games, but I urged them to wait until Uncle Tim got home, which they agreed to.

It was a great, warm, sunny day, full of kids in a good mood. 

So much love, Mom, aka Grandma

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


It was a lovely occasion. These two are so sweet.

The dinner was delicious, an Italian buffet.

 This couple, adorable:

To Kirsten's surprise, p.j. rejected my offers to style her hair.  She wanted KIRSTEN to do it apparently.  Yeah, fit that in.

They did.  It was all good.

 There was an art table at the reception:

 The grandparents table:

Maria and Sean:

 Me and him:
 Those guys:
 Those faces, and that smile:
 Heidi and her peanut:

 John and Dannell:
 Tim taking selfies in the reflection off his knife:
 The dance was a blast.  The kids were SO EXCITED for the dance, it was crazy.

 Bouquet toss.

 Somehow I missed the garter entirely.

 Photo booth gang:

Late in the night we encountered this year old Elin puppy who'd been in the kennel for nine hours.  She gets destructive when she's bored, chews, so leaving her loose in the house at this point in her life is a bad idea.

But she was lively.  In my arms is her head upside down, photo of her chin, kicking wild.

 Here's one from this morning.  The toddler arranged this whole thing--where to put the baby, the pillows the beverage, covering them both up.

And that's the end of that. 

It was a lovely wedding weekend, and my sweet Betsy, all our best wishes to you and Jake and your beautiful child.

Nothing but love,

Val and Jay and Everybody