Thursday, September 21, 2017

last day of summer, 2017

It's already starting to happen--fall colors starting.

She was left here to get babysat for a couple hours. She found this container of rice Julia was using to dry her cell phone after it FELL IN THE LAKE on Saturday.

Good LOR-ed.

Julia jumped right in the lake to save it, but why was it on the dock at all?  Whatever. It has come back to life pretty nicely.  No harm in trying the rice treatment.

Well, the child found the rice and brought it downstairs and was going to play with it on the living room couch.   I convinced her to bring it to the kitchen.  It kept her busy for half an hour.

 This little goofy decoration has a hole in the bottom, so she filled the pumpkin with rice and her popcorn over and over.

 I have this new camera, and it takes some time to get used to.  A switch was moved and every picture I took went into about six different versions.  This black and white close up was one of them.

 Eventually we went outside.

Okay this had Kirsten (I texted her) and me laughing our heads off. She went into the dining rooom and turned on this DVD player.  The volume was high, and in an instant some super loud march music came booming forth--extremely loud.

(I took this picture later, have no record of the actual occurrence.)

She came running to the kitchen in one door, the dog came racing to the kitchen through the other and the child hid behind the cupboard over by the sink.  The dog barked for about five continuous minutes.  Take it easy, Elin.

I asked her if she wanted to go with me to turn the music down and offered my hand.  She put her hands under her chin and said, "I scared."

 Oh my goodness.

Later she found this rainwater in a truck and stirred it with a big stick until the dog ran up and snatched the stick right out of her hands.  The crying was pretty phenomenal.   We found her a little shovel. The dog tried to make a move on that.  Unh-uh.  Get out of here.

But this!  Out of a whole funny, fun day that even included warm sunshine, and our going out for lunch, and lots of laughing--THIS!
Look at that smile!   Oh my goodness.

Oh my.

Love, Grandma

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

here we are

 Heidi felt terrible on Monday, which was unfortunate.  We still had a good time hanging out with these two girls.

 On Tuesday, the roof crew we've been waiting for since June appeared and replaced the roof.  We had hail damage in June, and our insurance company sent a check to replace the roof.  Tuesday, apparently was the day.

 These two were so stressed out by it--the sounds that sounded like people knocking on the door, the people moving past the windows and doors.  They kept announcing, "Somebody's here!  Somebody's here!"

Plus the roofing crew had the gate open, so the dogs had to be taken out to potty on a leash, and they couldn't go dog out in the backyard like they normally do.  That big puppy had a lot of pent up energy. She destroyed a box of Kleenex, stole artwork off the bedroom door and ripped it up, paced and panted.

This happened last week after years of our green table gradually returning to the earth, it's now like new.
 These are a couple pictures from last week when Kirsten was still here, made  me a little wistful. We had our mischief folks outside going nuts.
The dogs dug this big hole, then the baby filled it with water. Then the baby threw Cheetos in the water, which was very enticing to the dogs, but we really didn't want them up to their necks in dirty water fetching wet Cheetos.

Plus this too--Dannell broke her foot over the weekend, has to have surgery on Friday.  They're dealing with that day by day, and Heather is ready and willing to help. (She's awesome.)

And that's the end of today.   love forever, Mom

Sunday, September 17, 2017

quiet weekend at the lake

It was very quiet at the lake.  None of the neighbors were they or any of the other kids.  In fact, Jay was driving with Kirsten back to Florida so he wasn't even there.  

He's flying back.  I can pick him up from the airport shortly.

 Little bits of fall are starting to appear.

 This picture reminds me of when Julia was little and she'd clasp her hands in front of her chest in the parking lot, "I'll hold me OWN hand."

 It was warm and humid, felt like storms, but there weren't any, just a little passing rain a few times.

 We made tortellini soup for supper, watched old movies--Grease and Mulan--in the evening.

 Maria and this Poo-tell--she had a haircut on Thursday, looking very tidy and sweet again.

 Her?  She was bored without Kirsten's puppy, followed my every move like she was afraid she was going to miss something.

Glad you're home safe.  We're missing you!    Love, Mom

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

sculpture garden

 The kids complained when they heard we were going to Como Zoo without them.  So when we picked them up, Kirsten and I dragged them to the city to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.

They were not all that enthusiastic.

 I never knew this was a fountain. Water sprays out of the cherry stem and courses over the cherry and over the spoon.
 Ducks congregated underneath.
 This whole huge, elegant garden is across from the Basilica and has a freeway running between.

 That's Dunwoody Institute, where Jay went to plumbing school.  It was a four year program back then. Now it's five years.  They have other programs too.

 This is part of a whole 18 hole miniature golf course. It was cool. Not open, but fun to look at.

 I had to get a picture of the urinal one for Jay.  (He hates urinals.)

There you go, big blue chicken.
Onward. Tomorrow is already Wednesday.

Love, Val

como zoo on monday

 It was a gorgeous day, breezy and soft, 80 degrees of perfection.

 The old 1936 zoo building where they had animals in small cages when I was a child.

The hyenas looked pitiful.  That's going too far.

They don't even have hyenas now.

And the old tortoises we used to be able to sit on are now protected in their own personal garden.  They have a statue for kids to sit on.

I don't want the good old days.  There were a few things I loved about the past, but mostly I'm just very glad it's now.

The sign clearly says to stay on the path. Even when the sign was read to her, she didn't care.

 That looks like an awesome nap.

 The little two year old Karmela went swinging away on the ropes.  Her mom followed along, unconcerned.

 This little monkey had twins on the back.

 The little child did a gesture like she does for her own baby sister, "I hold them?"

No, we can't.

 Heidi indulged this machine two times where it plastic melts and forms a toy animal.  I always have said no.  No.  We have enough crap around the house.  Well, she was nice.  The machine was cool.

p.j. said her animal would be perfect for my picnic table, and I don't disagree.


 We did not go through the conservatory or look at plants.  It was beyond the attention span of a two year old and too hot for the rest of us.   It's a free place.  We can drive over and look at plants any time.

 This is what she did when I offered to help her get in her car seat.

We try.  The stroller has to be taken apart, and apparently there are YouTube tutorials on how to do it.  It is a very handy stroller when a person has an unruly toddler and a little baby.  I like it a lot.

And that's the end of that.

Love, Grandma, aka MOM