Thursday, June 23, 2016

sweet, rowdy june

 Kids in the Playhouse eating popsicles--


Where are they?

 We went to the Little Pool yesterday.

 She was the ONLY KID THERE,

 She'd been so looking forward to the horde of neighborhood swimmers, but no. She had the whole pool to herself, except for those moments when her baby sister ventured into the water.

 She was actually far more interested in nibbling snacks than swimming.

 Anyway, it was sure a peaceful visit to the pool.

Love, Grandma

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

a little more birthday

And that was the end and we came back home again.  love, Val

some skiing pictures

Love, Val

overcast and stifling hot

 This was the place to be on Saturday--in the water, or else in air conditioning.

Love, Val

sam takes a swim

 We were all down at the lake, kids galore swimming, and even though Sam has become very arthritic in the last year, I knew she'd love this, so I went and got her.

 It was a long walk for her, even though it's not that far.  She's started on pain medication for her joints a couple weeks ago and has been moving a little better.
 She seemed happy to jump into the water and walked up and down and around, peering for fish, for a full forty minutes.  She wasn't funny though like she used to be in the water. She was serious, which I have discovered is probably a pain indicator for her.  Since the pain medication she's cheerful.  But by the time she got to the lake she wasn't feeling much cheer.

 After being in the water that long, she couldn't get out, but we expected that. She needed help getting out sometimes last summer.  Jay and John picked her up and put her on the dock where she rested for half an hour.

 She was diagnosed with cancer a few weeks ago too, but her bigger problem at the moment is her mobility.

 She spent another while here watching everyone before heading back to the air conditioning again.  I had to put a towel under her belly and Kari and I each took an end and boosted her up the steps.

Not sure if all the effort it took for her was worth it or not, and Sam can't say.  I'm not sorry we tried, but not sure we'll do it again.  If we could do it without her having to walk the 50 yards to the lake, it would be better.

Anyway, sweet old girl,

Love, Val