Thursday, July 24, 2014

Okay, and this morning when she eventually became bored with me, she asked this about the others: "Grandma!  The kids need to UNSLEEP!"

I agree.  They sleep an awful not.  Unsleeping would be a fine correction of time and place.

xo.  love mom, and Grandma, and everyone.

Monday, July 21, 2014

the ransacking crew

They came to play this morning, and ransack they did.  At one point the freezer door was hanging open and orange cream bars were all over the kitchen floor.   Apparently they'd grabbed what they wanted.   I tossed the ice creams all back in the freezer and shut the door.

Crazy fools.

Maria and Kari were doing most of the watching while I dealt with some real estate offers--completely straight-forward and uncomplicated work, I might add.

EXCEPT FOR THE SCANNER and the issues with the printer and so forth that had me re-booting, and wondering, and why this program isn't all that compatible with the other one?  And where DID the file save to? I don't even understand the options, and don't be talkin' to me about no cloud.

Real estate I understand.   This two hours of my life I spent in a state of supreme aggravation?



Wild babies had fun, and at exactly 2:05, the last file was completely sent.

They went outside, supposedly to run through the sprinkler.   Well, they did that and a whole lot more.

There was mud and sand involved.

And when Alicia showed up, I felt bad. They were filthy urchins.  Happy and entertained little urchins, but dir-TEE. 

Next time, we're going to tell her to call when she's leaving so we can clean them up before she gets here and has to  BATHE them herself.   And she did have to.

It was not optional.  Those filthy little boys could not go home and take naps in their beds in that state.

Okay, it's eleven minutes into Tuesday and I hear my bathwater running.

love all you kids so damned much, MOM

Saturday, July 19, 2014

julia's tenth birthday


 Here we have some party guests eating supper.  

 It was quieter out here.

 While the person opens gifts, the little ones get closer and closer until they're all right up touching.

 They raided the costume bins.  That tiger one is really heavy and hot, but he liked it anyway.
 Joe gave haircuts on the patio, which was wonderful.

Here's Jay and Desi:

 He's got on James' old pharaoh costume.

 Yeah, rinsing dog poop off the tire of the new bike.
 Another haircut:
 And the cake--first time we've had purple frosting.

And that's the end of that.  It was a great, wild, loud party, and we haven't had a party in a while, so that was great.

Julia, back when Heidi was a baby, I didn't know if I'd ever have another daughter, so I did it up right, even to the point of sewing little rosebuds to her undershirts.

We did all the hair ribbons and patent leather shoes, even red ones.
I never, ever imagined the sheer wild extravagance of being a woman with FIVE daughters.
And we have done it up right--the Madame Alexander dolls, the tea parties, the fancy braids, the Barbie dolls and all their gear, the ruffled butt tights, no missed opportunities to enjoy all the foolishness and fun of being girls.

You are our maraschino cherry on top of our giant sundae of family, and thank you so much for being our girl--for being an enthusiastic aunt, a fun little sister, a great kid.   You've brought all of us so much happiness, you don't even know.
Lucky us, having you.
Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.   love, Mom and Dad and EVERYBODY

Thursday, July 17, 2014

tenth birthday gifts

She wanted a new bicycle.  The old one is known to be a crappy bike. The kids even have a name for that bike.

Let's be done with it.
This is the new one she and her dad picked up at Target.  Then we ate pizza and went to the pool.

It was a lovely evening. 

Her sisters took her birthday money to the store and bought her an Ipod, so that's pretty exciting.

The layers of her birthday cake are cooling on the cupboard now, so we can frost them in the morning.

It's sort of awesome being ten.

I asked her if she wanted a Justin Bieber cake again this year and she said, "Nah, he's been sort of a punk."  


Maybe next year he'll be shaping up then.   love, MOM

Sunday, July 13, 2014

whiz bang fireworks

We do go to these fireworks every year. Lori used to invite us. After supper, we'd trek down some kind of goat trail from her house to the boulevard viewing spot.

This year we went to the park near where Alicia's brother and his wife live. It was quite a hike, but also quite do-able.

 "Make Kirby smile."   She elbowed her. She did.

The Minneapolis skyline, nice and blurry.

I have a fireworks setting on my camera, but was too tired and lazy to try to find it. Who gives a rip?

We all know what fireworks look like.

Here's a picture Jay took, moon on the left.

After that we came home again, and what a fine Sunday this has been.

love always, Val

Saturday, July 12, 2014

little pool friday

 We met up there, even though it was cloudy.  It was warm and they had fun.

 In the yellow shorts is Alicia's sister in law.  She's easy company too.

And after we swam we walked up to the Dairy Queen.   I ordered p.j. a little sundae cup of ice cream, being practical and all, knowing how cones go with small people.

She was so outraged it took her a full five minutes of patting and clucking and explaining before she ventured to taste the thing.

And now we're in the middle of a sleepover and she's fallen asleep.

Saturday night, balmy air, open windows,  SNL on the TV.   love, Val