Friday, November 16, 2018

november friday

 It was a gloomy morning, quiet, just me at home.

In the thirty minutes before I had to start work, I cleaned this cabinet out.  It was mostly just tousled, all the art supplies and craft kits.

 Voila.  It's neat in the cabinet now, but it's also easy to forget because I just shut the doors.

I think it's time to put the mop away.  Why is that even still out?
After I started working, diligently concentrating and listening at the computer, I heard a lot of weird noises--banging and stomping around.  Then I heard the leaf blower kick in.  

It's Martin.  He'd been contacted to come and do fall clean up, and we thought because of the cold and snow that it wasn't happening this year.

Well, today it was.
 We used to do this all ourselves and put the bags to the curb.  But then the garbage companies started imposing limits on the amount.  We'd have to ration the disposal every week.  We're also required to use biodegradable bags.

So then if it rained, we were in trouble.

Or if they, as they often did, didn't pick up the bags at all that week, we'd be dragging them back to the garage, falling apart along the way.

 He brought even the big equipment.

All that messing around we used to do, raking and most annoyingly, hauling all the bags to and fro?

He does it in a matter of a few hours.
 Yeah, all this mess is gone.
 He's coming back for this mountain tomorrow.

At suppertime, she arrived, haven't seen her in weeks.  Jay picked her up and then drove back again and made pancakes.

We were so happy to have her in the house.

 And her. There's been laughing and racket upstairs I haven't heard in weeks.

 And that's the end of a fine Friday.

Onward to the weekend.

Love, Val

Thursday, November 15, 2018

sunshine on thursday

 Today's mail brought a bill I had already paid, and this report card.

You go, Julia!
I'm so glad you're having success at school--and in grades seven and eight, about the most bizarre two years of school that exist, so glad.

Jay called while I was working this morning and asked if I wanted to get lunch?  He's having a quiet week, doing service calls and wrapping up loose ends.

My answer?  Um, Yeah!

We went to Applebee's. The whole restaurant was decorated for fall, gold and orange in the sunshine. It was so pretty.

This picture was taken in 2012, but it was this kind of golden day.

Tomorrow is Friday, best day of the week.   I have a granddaughter with croup, not fun.  I hope tomorrow is a better day.

 Love, Val, aka GRANDMA

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

lunch on wednesday

 We had lunch with my parents today.  Heidi's maternity leave is flying by, trying to enjoy it along the way. 

This cute sister really liked my parents laundry room.

I brought the old doll house up from the play room in the basement for her.   She did like it and so did her sister when she got home from school.

 He was able to join us, wouldn't pass up my mother's cooking.

 Heidi listened to her playing with the doll house and said her story lines involve some fighting and time outs.  She was right.  Oh my goodness.

 Pretty girls everywhere.
So much love, Val, aka MOM, aka Grandma

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

got it done, lillian!

 This has nothing to do with Lillian.  Somebody on Facebook was looking for styrofoam coolers to make shelters for homeless cats.  Well, I don't personally know any homeless cats, but the cooler, yes.

When I brought the cooler from the closet, the kids asked what I was doing, and I told them about the cats.

They stared at me warily and said, "Are you making this up?"

Nope. All true.  Dropped it off yesterday.

Then--this task.   Lillian has needed a new sand mat in her tank for a while now, but I'm new to gecko care, and finally went and bought the mat today.

 She was easily lured into a bucket by a couple mealworms.  Then I put the bucket inside this tote in case she broke out, but she didn't even try anything funny.

 The tank was washed out with warm water and dried, and here she is back in her fresh clean house.  I gave her a few crickets in thanks for being such a good sport.

 Then this made me smile.  The dusty curtains are in the wash, and the sun illuminated these little handprints so perfectly.  Aww.

Almost time for work.

Thankful for sunshine on a cold afternoon.

So much love, Val

weekend at home

 It was the first weekend at home--no more trips to the lake until next year.   This girl slept over, hasn't had her usual number of sleepovers this fall--she's bigger now and has activities and a social life of her own.

But it was fun.

Dan called and these guys came for supper.   When she heard they were coming, she cheered.  When they heard they were coming here, I am told they also cheered.  And when they heard she was there, they cheered again.

They had a good time.  I did.  We all did.  Kirsten and Maria were there too.  It was lovely.

And seeing that little girl in the background on this picture makes me miss all these guys.  They live across town, and they have had football.   It's coming to the holidays now, and we'll see more of each other in the next few weeks, and I'm glad.

 On Sunday we watched the babies so Heidi and Joe could take the bigger sisters to a movie.  She wanted to see Grinch, and she's big enough for a movie.  I love this picture Kirsten took:
 These are the ones we babysat.  They were wonderful.
 And that brings us to the end of a fine weekend.


Love Grandma, aka MOM

Friday, November 9, 2018

this quiet week

 It's been a long, quiet week, lots of work, nothing very exciting.

Except this!  Our little peanut has passed the eight pound mark!  She's six weeks old and growing.  Yesterday she smiled when I was talking to her.  I'm not sure if it was a real smile or just a coincidence, but I'll take it.

And this too, this week--snow arrived.
 And cold.

It's 18 degrees out tonight, which is not a particularly welcome thing, but I'm reminded again about how much I do like LOOKING at winter, even though I don't really like being IN it.

Tonight while driving I noticed how sparkly even ordinary lights look under that big indigo sky.

The day was pretty, perfect billowy pastel clouds, light snow.

 And then this--it was like a refrigerator in Tim's room, and he likes it this way, but it had become a bit extreme in the last day or two.   Jay took the air conditioner out, and I turned up the heat to see if the radiator would warm up.


There was no water in it.  Jay bled the air and added water to the boiler, so now Tim has heat.  (Seriously, last night he slept in an unheated room and claimed he was fine when I asked him about how cold it was in there.)

 Yes, him.

Okay, good night.

Love, Val

Sunday, November 4, 2018

end of the season

 We closed up the cabin this weekend.   We were thinking of giving it one more week, and then it snowed.

Nope. All done.

He did the leaf blower and lawn mower and cleaned up the whole entire yard.

Put every last thing away, disconnected the water softener and brought that back home to store here because it can't freeze.
I did the kitchen floor, scrubbed and two coats of tough floor wax so it's ready for next year.

We wiped out the fridge and brought home THREE COOLERS of mostly condiments, I swear.  This happens every year at the end.

It was very quiet with just the four of us there.  I cooked a huge pot of chili and we slept late in the morning.
Yeah, snow.  Ugh.

But it's always a little sad wrapping up, even though the holidays are next, and we have plenty of work to do on our own house over the winter, and we spend time with all the same people, just in Minneapolis instead.   It's fine.

But I walked through the rooms one last time and thought about all that's happened in the months since we opened up the cabin, and here we are now, moving on again into the end of another year.


Thanksgiving is next.

Love, Val