Tuesday, December 6, 2016

in the puppy camp

 She's doing good, doing well.

Since we're taking turns sleeping with her in the puppy camp, we set up James' air mattress, might as well be comfortable while we're at it.

 Even though she's very mild and prone to no mayhem, she does get tired out.

 Julia gave her a bath tonight and she figured out exactly where to get warmed up again.  Trying to get potty training tightened up, we have reduced the area where she roams.  See the benches put against the bed to block her from leaving unattended?

 More benches and a collapsed baby stroller are blocking the other side It doesn't take much of a barrier to deter a baby this tiny.

 Time for bed.
Life in the family room is very sweet these days.

Love, Val

Sunday, December 4, 2016

baby face


 She's tiny, but loved it outside, chasing Maria and Kari around in the snow.

 Dan, who said puppy, in his mind?  Equals work.

Yes, indeed, true.
 There was a camp out with her in the family room last night, so the puppy wouldn't be scared.  Kari said part of the night she slept inside the kennel, and part of it she slept with her on the floor.  And she jumped on Kari's face one time when she was sleeping and scratched her nose.  That's okay.

 Okay, cousins, in December, without shirts, eating ice cream.  Yep.

 It took her a little while to be brave enough to touch the dog, but the soft, buttery, warmness of that fur, and the way she smells like pine cones--won out.

I told James, "Every time you touch her, you smile."

He said, "She feels just like Sam."

No doubt she's her own person, and we'll be finding that out as we go, but today she feels like a balm, familiar and sweet.

Love, Val

Saturday, December 3, 2016

a splendid saturday

It started out like this, at a Christmas celebration at the grandkids school.  That guy in the blue is Alicia's brother and I am fond of him and his wife.   They were brave enough to be my first real estate clients way back when.

 There were songs and kids and it was very, very sweet.

 He did great too, hard to get a clear picture between everyone's heads, but this one is nice.

 Then I went Christmas shopping for a while, and that was good too.  I wandered home and Jay had cooked General Tsao's chicken for supper, because apparently the inventor of this food item passed away this week in his 90s, so that was good.

Then the Newf breeder we've been in contact with texted me.  We could wait for our puppy who is due this week.  But. She had two little girls left from the last litter if we were interested.  We toyed with the idea, and the kids were enthusiastic.  Then she sent a photo.

Yup. Done.

 Sidney didn't seem to mind at all.

They're camping out with the new baby in the family room tonight.   Jay set up the kennel in case we need it for safekeeping, but we never used it much with Sam anyway.   We had no kennel at all for Spooner or our other dogs.   They're useful at certain points, but she's not used to being alone at this point.

After a few hours of discussion, her name is Elin, aka Elle, Ellie.  It works.

Anyway, a lovely ending to a very lovely Saturday.

Love, Val

Saturday, November 26, 2016


Living dangerously.

The tree is up and decorated:

Jay's mom gave me that little ceramic tree from her house:

Put the candlestick lights in all the windows, and Jay got the lights on the pine tree out front working again.

It's strangely warm though, like an October day, not approaching December.  It's fine. We'll take it.

Onward.   love, Val

Thursday, November 24, 2016

thanksgiving, 2016

 It was a lovely long day, is not even over indeed yet, with a grandchild on her grandpa's pillow now.

 This is a bouquet Kirsten sent to Maria, prettiest bouquet on the table:

 More flowers.  I do love fresh flowers.

 Maria made this out of printer paper. Wow.

 A poo-tell:
 And the feasting begins. We did pause to say grace, but after that, all bets were off.

Aggressive eaters:

 That big red pillow under her granpa's head? She snatched it from another who was using it.

 She's checking out Rudolph.

 Don't take pictures of me, NOOOOOO

 Okay then, fine.

Santa is back again, ready to say hi.

 John and his baby:
 Joe and his baby:
 The little Santa on the flat roof:

 Loving Maria's guinea pigs, Dash and Bolt:

 Kids + Guinea Pigs = Good Combination

 Our little Santa on the flat roof:

 And Auntie and a Niece watching Matilda:

And that's the fine end of a fine Thanksgiving.

Best wishes to us all.

Love, Val