Monday, April 28, 2014

a cold, nasty day

This started yesterday and went on all night and is expected to continue through Thursday.

Is this necessary?  

Definitely not, but nothing can be done about it except adjust.

Here's the village set up in my room where I sat at the computer working on continuing ed classes while they FOUGHT and ARGUED.

Tears were shed.  There was a bit of screaming, a storming huff, and some items were thrown.
But now I hear them out in the family room, squealy laughter and chattering conversation, so they must have abandoned their dispute.

I'm thinking it's time to bite the ears off that big Dove chocolate bunny.

Yes, indeed.  That's exactly what's needed here:  chocolate.

love always, Val

Saturday, April 26, 2014

cabin day

We made it to the cabin today to turn on the water and get summer started.    The power company cut down some trees, so things looked odd to us. The swamp is full--and it was getting noisy even by 4:30 when we left.

We turned on the heat, but the house never did fully warm up.  The air did, but I think the furniture and walls stayed cold.  The lake still has ice on it.  We need some warm days.

See that little guy there?  I thought it was just going to be us there working. I had dragged the vacuum upstairs and was busy making beds when I heard a familiar little piping voice.

My Sweetie!  He was here, and his dad too.  Others were sick and stayed home, but these two came to the lake.

 Here they're getting the tractor started so branches and mess can be hauled to the woods.

 The low spots were full of standing water--never have seen that before.

We ate lunch at the restaurant in town, and then came back and moved the woodpile.  (What a mess.)   And at the end of the day we headed back home again.

Cabin 2014 is looking fine--ready for a fun summer.  love you all, MOM aka Grandma

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

this week so far

 It's been a quiet week so far, working a lot.   These guys were here yesterday.  I guess that cute one puked on Monday once, which made him ineligible for daycare.

He's eligible here.  
 Nobody puked. Everyone was fine.  We even got outside in the yard for a while.

 The yard looks tough, but this week's rain is going to help a lot.

And that is that.  In exactly two minutes it'll be Thursday, and Thursday is looking like a very fine day.

Thanks kids, for making Tuesday so much more fun than usual.

Puke anytime.

Just not here.

love, MOM aka Grandma

Sunday, April 20, 2014

easter, 2014

Here is Julia in the same dress she wore last year, the one specifically
chosen for its stretchiness for jumping on Pam's trampoline.

Last year the trampoline was trapped in a snowbank. This year the well at their fine home is not working properly so the party was relocated to the parents' house.

But this picture was taken at our house before we left for church.

 Easter breakfast:

 After breakfast was the Easter Egg Hunt.   Alicia's parents came to church with us all of us this morning, which was very nice.

 These are pictures from the Egg Hunt:

After church, sun warm and luxurious:

 My parents' pre-leaves view downhill:

 Party on the deck:

 More egg hunting:

 PiƱata time!

 And later, cake:

 Mom's birthday:

And now, it's the end of the evening, and what a lovely Easter it was.


2014 awaits.  

Pam and Paul? Thank you for making this such a wonderful day.

love always, Val and EVERYBODY.