Wednesday, May 28, 2014

memorial weekend

 Friday others arrived at the lake until everyone was there.


 love, Mom

the tooth fairy house and can we swim?

My aunt and uncle and cousins were staying at the resort next door, so we wandered over to see them. This is the Tooth Fairy House on the shore at the resort.

She peeked inside, saw cobwebs and a big plastic owl.

 Then we headed back again and even though it was hot out, the water temp was only 46 degrees.

 Tubes are the way to go--minimal contact with the water, and they had to stay right near in the shallow part.

It feels so good to be in summer again.   May, it wasn't looking good when you arrived.  Thanks for shaping up.  We noticed and we appreciate it.  love, Val

one fierce bird

 Woodpeckers aren't unusual, but now I see why people don't want them pecking on the house. 

I had no idea they could do something like this.  Click on the picture above to get a good look.   This tree was dead and the top broke off a couple years ago.

love, Val

Monday, May 26, 2014

168 photos


That's a lot.

I may have ambition tomorrow to sort through them, but tonight?

 It was a great weekend, perfect weather.

 Cute people were there.

 Iron Man isn't having this. He's turned his back on them.

 It was intense, loud, rowdy, wild, disorganized, overwhelming and lovely.

Yep. That's my boyfriend right there.

 That's Dan, John's dog, and Tim

 Inappropriate jokes were told:

In this weekend of ten kids, two parents, three in laws, six grandchildren present, six dogs, we made it through.

The big family thing is great.


That plastered on smile is kind of starting to hurt.

It is great, okay, yes definitely.

It's also annoying and irritating and aggravating.

When I feel aggravated and annoyed, quickly I'm brought around to this truth:  But I love them so much.


It could be anyone, everyone.

But I love him so much.

I love her.

I love them.

Can the noise stop?  Please all of you stop SCREAMING.

The skeeters?  They were big as birds and completely vicious.

John was trying to hug us good bye at 3pm in a sheer cloud of the vultures.

Thank you all, all you patient, kind people for being there, for the meals we shared and the ones we didn't, for the fun we had, and the fun we didn't.

I adore you all.  love, Mom and Dad too.

Thursday, May 22, 2014


That's what I did this morning--went to a couple of my listings and put up fresh photos now that things are green.

Spring pictures aren't that great.   That's the same beach a month ago, just down the road from the house.

 Spring always gets here, but sometimes the wait gets really, really LONG.

Okay, I LOVE this:  It's a vintage kitchen, totally original cabinets, countertop and flooring.   It's incredibly rare to find an untouched kitchen. The appliances have been replaced since 1954, but nothing else.

This is the second floor of another listing--again untouched vintage.  The owner of the house cut all those little tiles out of wood and paneled the walls

He created this built-ins, so much storage.    I hope whoever buys this house loves mid-century and does something fabulous with this room.

Okay, time to get back to work.  Happy Thursday!  love, Val