Tuesday, February 28, 2012

winter's getting long

It's pouring icy rain tonight, rained all day.

There's been little snow to play in, and now mud.

So we're stuck in the house, trying not to crack up.  Sometimes we do a few errands to break up the monotony.   We watch The Price is Right and work on math.   There's been plenty of time for reading and any projects anyone cares to do.

An alternative teacher was very welcome.

And we try to keep her out of trouble.

Aww, the buddies:

This is Kirsten's cold puppy after her bath.  She hid under the pillow shivering.

And back to math.  These are their Sponge Bob workbooks, cost a dollar each.  Sponge Bob is so weird, being a fry cook under the sea and all.

Here's under the table--

Oh my gosh she was annoyed here.  She wants any electronic gadget she sees.  She takes calls on all of them, puts the TV remote up to her ear, "Hello?"   We were in the store last week and someone's phone rang and she put her hand over her ear, "Hello?"

Right here I was chirping at her coaxing her to smile.  No. She wanted to take calls on the camera.

Maaaad.  Honey, honey, here, fine. Take it.

But she cheered up after she manhandled the camera a little.

Back to the recyclables--

And trying on shoes--

And today was James' last day of basketball and he was really happy.   That's dragged on too.  

We're so glad to see March.   Maybe I'll buy a crocus tomorrow. It might help.  

love, Val

Sunday, February 26, 2012

two brothers birthday party

The little brother has his birthday in February, and the older in March, so their parents threw a party in the middle.

They host the party at John's work in the big rec room. See James and Little Jay playing basketball in back?  We have all wondered how anyone gets any work done at all at this place with this room down the hall.

John claims he is too busy to jump in the bouncer.

Wow, that's sad.   Knowing this would severely depress childhood John.

"I'm going to grow up and be too busy to jump in the bouncer at my office. And I won't have any time to play basketball in the rec room either."

 The four of us, back in about 1983

Very sad.  That almost makes me feel like crying.

But these people are not sad.  They're having the time of their lives.

Could we really have had this boy around for SIX YEARS?  How is that possible?

Okay, these weird pictures were taken inside the bouncer. Notice the huge grin on my sweetie.

And here's Auntie Kirby hugging b.g.'s little brother.  (He likes it.)

Look at the color coordinated dishes.  Dannell planned all this, brunch--egg bake, muffins, cinnamon rolls, on and on amazing, party favors, perfect.

Now they're going to open some presents.   t.c. was pretty darned excited about this.

Oops, here's l.c. tipping over while he works at it.

I'm not sure why l.c. is hugging Alicia here, but it's a pretty cute moment.  That's Dannell's little brother, known as Uncle Dietz, in the striped shirt.   He's a good man.

So is this guy.  He FINALLY, after 7 weeks, has b.g.'s little brother in his arms at last, no interfering aunties or GRANDMA snatching the child first.   Awww.  Look at the kid, collapsed in the heat.

Cake time!  

Yes, indeed, we sang and you two blew out your candles, and it was a truly great party.   Plus you great boys each turn a year older and this whole family is better with you guys.  Lucky old us.   love forever, Grandma and Grandpa

Friday, February 24, 2012

the battle of the crayon box

 Oh  yeah, here she moves it.

 When she wasn't after the crayons, Sidney was her second target.

 There go the crayons again.

She's working her own book, and doing a good job of it.

 Yeah, it's all pretty funny.

 See how high up beside me Sidney has climbed?  The dog's smart.

 Crayons aren't edible, as we've told her numerous times. Same with the sea shells--not in your mouth.

In the end, Sidney was un-handled, and the crayons were safe.   Friday was fine, and Saturday is looking pretty great too. 

In less than a week it'll be MARCH, and that's the best news of all.  Love, Val