Monday, November 30, 2015

last day of november

Gloomy and dark, rain turning to snow, slippery roads.

 Their dad dropped them off later than usual this morning, battling icy roads on the way.

Inside the house it was 72 degrees of funny kids and teddy tears, nice cuddly naps, and a couple ice cream pops along the way.

 They didn't really even argue today, scarfed down their lunch, ran back downstairs to where the Legos and Barbies are.
 I told them to smile.  They tried.  I yelled, "Buddy, you're blurry!  Smile again!"

 There you go.
 And why are all those VCR movies taken out of the cabinet?  What is the plan with this?

Tim said it was fine. He was sorting them out.

Glad he was and not me.
 And this bin of doll clothes exploded. The teddy bears all have on outfits now too.

(Notice Julia working her fine baby wrangling skills.  Believe me, this is a life skill it's very, very helpful to have.  Babies appreciate it. Their parents even more: a pair of capable hands to take over so they can do things like earn a living.)

Here we team up on this.  I'm solo until about 11.  Then at lunch time everyone pitches in to get the meal served and cover the afternoon.

The clutter is kind of driving me nuts.  I keep reducing, eliminating, putting away, and it keeps on coming back like that old arcade game where you swat the rodent as the head pops up.

 And then this:

Faucets.  Twice as many as he ordered, so those are going back and better be credited back to us without any restocking fee.

Plus they were supposed to be here in five days and in the end it was over fourteen.

 And then I noticed random baby equipment in my stairway.

What is going on?

It's multiplying!

Heidi took it away with her.
 And then end of this dark, rascallly baby day ended with this beautiful evening.  I drove Tim over the slush and ice to his piano lesson.

The sky had that bright pink thing going on that it does when it snows, like a gorgeous pink dome of a sky.

Santa got weighed down a couple times from the snow. The first time I brushed him off with my hands.

Mistake.  The snow went in my face and up my sleeves, down my neck.  Next time I took the broom out.

And that's the end of a very most beautiful November.

love to you all, Val, aka MOM, aka GRANDMA

Saturday, November 28, 2015

christmas tree, 2015

 He had to work late, and then he was the one holding the security code at a clinic so he couldn't leave until the others (flooring, counter tops) were done.

So he finally made it home and we raced to the tree lot and got there shortly before it closed.


A whole bunch of kids were waiting to decorate this tree.

 They were all asleep by 10 pm, which I thought was somewhat of a miracle, considering how hopping this house is late at night. But they were, tucked in a nest on the floor in the family room, so sweet.

 Putting on ornaments with the ladder was the thing.  There were a LOT of ornaments clustered in that one area.

We had Thanksgiving, which was lovely.

Everyone showed up and were good sports and ate, and it was a fine day.

Then we had TWO grandchild sleepovers, which I loved.  They don't have all that much interest in me personally, but they seem to love being here in the crowd, with their cousins and aunts and uncles and eating popsicles and ice cream sandwiches, and they're all so beautiful and funny and sweet.

That oldest grandchild is turning into somewhat of a GUY.  He is going to be ten in a few months.

How is this possible??

2015 is wrapping up real fine.


With all the love there is, Val, aka Grandma, aka MOM

Thursday, November 26, 2015

thanksgiving, 2015

There were these faces at the door!

At the end of the day, the amazing 12 foot Santa was brought from the basement.

  And this girl laughs as loudly as she shrieks.   She's hilarious.



Today was a great day, due to all the patient and lovely people who made it so.

love always,  Val

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

gittin' ready, 2015


We're vacuuming and dusting and I scrubbed all the million bathrooms by hand, myself.

The vacuuming and dusting are a serious endeavor

Some rooms must be verified in the morning.

Jay picked up the tables from our parents shop.


Morning is only a few hours away, when we have to get up and stuff that turkey.

John just confirmed 1. He's got the potatoes covered, and 2.  He loves me.

I was already confident regarding both.

Alicia confirmed on the pies, Heidi is bringing Seven Layer Salad, I think.  My mom is making scalloped corn and bars.  My sister is in for Vegetable Pizza and a dessert too.

Lord have mercy.

love, Val

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

thanksgiving service

I hauled Tim and Julia out of bed early  for the preschool Thanksgiving service.

That's our p.j. right to the left of the guy in the red striped shirt.


love always, Val