Sunday, March 30, 2014

march? where did you go?

Where did the whole month go?   Julia was wishing so much to do something fun the end of last week, so we went to The Fieldhouse.

We met Alicia and her mom and sister-in-law there and had a good time.  Good thing too--this was the last open play Fieldhouse day until next winter.

When p.j. arrived in the morning, and jumped onto her Grandpa's pillow for Curious George like we usually do, I told her, "We can't roll around and watch cartoons all morning. We have to get ready because we're going to meet  b.g. at a place with BOUNCERS." 

Her eyes flew open and she hugged me around the neck, then RAN to get dressed and wake up the kids.

This is blurry, but it's included to display the magnificence of the array of bouncers.

This had me giggling and snickering once again:  On the side is a sign explaining use of a Bounce House, and it includes the warning, "No Pets.  No Silly String."

That is so random.  Who goes around with Silly String? (Who would take a dog in there?)  So then anything not expressly forbidden is okay?   Like a beer?  Or spray cheese?

Something to think about.
 These pictures were taken by Lydia.  She does this at occasions I cannot attend due to scheduling conflicts.  She takes pictures so I don't miss everything.

She always gets a few of the food.  (She knows me.)  Plus it was Barb doing the cooking.  Nobody has ever left hungry.

Here's one of the melty, mushy yard.

 And some wandering grandbabies:

 Some girls I love:

 The occasion was this:  Our niece, born just a week after James, had her Confirmation.   She was a beautiful kid, is still beautiful, almost grown up.

There was a party and a feast and all the family who haven't seen each other since Christmas were there, and it was a great time.

Many blessings on your Confirmation, Sweetheart.  You know how much we love you.
love forever,  Aunt Val and Everybody

Thursday, March 27, 2014

the joy of march

 Here it is, wrapping up, ugh.   Sea of Mush. 

Kind of liking that open space with that tree gone.  It was cold too--first came the rain today, then the snow.

But inside the house it was sunny.

This little girl was found all by herself in Grandpa's office playing with the Bart Simpson house.
 Diary of a Wimpy Kid:

And these cuties on Instagram:

And that brings us to the end of today where there's a lot of giddy laughing out in the family room.   This week has brought a few nice real estate appointments, so things are looking good.  Onward. 

April approaches.

love you all, MOM

Sunday, March 23, 2014

princess party

The long awaited Princess Party was yesterday.   Before her birthday, she told her mom this is what she wanted, but then included no specifics.

Heidi very much wanted to get this right, to not disappoint, but she didn't know what the kid expected.

They made decorations together to hang up, princess decorations.   They bought little pink and purple tiaras and wands for the guests.  A princess cake was ordered.  The menu included mac and cheese and spaghetti.

p.j. seemed to think a herd of little girls should come to the party, but she doesn't really know any.   She also had the idea that boys probably shouldn't come.

We talked about that a little, and that boys like princesses too.  Just because they don't want to BE princesses, they still like to have fun.

Tim just kind of shrugged and nodded.

In the end, Heidi just invited everybody--her family, his family, their friends.
This is a picture of my sister in law and my mom.  I was impressed my mom actually wore a special princess necklace.   My niece wore a unicorn shirt and a big skirt in princess spirit.

Anyway, there were gifts.   We'd given her gifts on her birthday, but I picked up a few things in the dollar section to wrap up.  One thing she wanted was a pair of little lint rollers.

That's fine.  There's always lint to be rolled.   Well, turns out she thought they were binoculars.  I think that misperception still persists.  

Heidi said she was sad when all the friends left, and the last thing she said before she fell asleep: "The best princess party ever."


Tonight they came for supper and Julia wanted to bake this kit my dad picked out for her at the grocery store.

 It was pretty fun, and they ate them all fast.
This little trinket is an anniversary present from my sister and her family.  So fun, goofy little cute things I would never buy for myself.

 And her:
Yes, these girls make everything better.   I asked her to pose for a picture, and at first she looked annoyed, but look how cute.

Ahhh, it's the perfect ending to a great weekend.  love you all so, MOM aka GRANDMA

Thursday, March 20, 2014

maria's taxes

Okay, this had me about on the floor laughing today.  

The girl is trying to do her taxes online, only taxes irritate her very much, just like her parents.

Back in the olden days a person just picked up the forms at the library.  Short form?  Long form?  For someone like Maria, it would be short form.

This would take about ten minutes to fill out. Stamp the envelope. Boom, done.

But not anymore. Now there is software and a million-zillion irrelevant questions.

She got so befuddled in all the questions she finally rushed at me with her lap top and hollered, "Look at this!  What do I do with this??"

It was a list of questions.  First question:  "Did you put into use during the year any commercially leased equipment?"

Pretty sure she did not.

"Have you ever been convicted of a felony?"

I looked over at her.   Doubtful.

Then it was something about installing restaurant equipment on an Indian Reservation.

That's where I lost it and could not quit laughing.  Maria knows nothing about restaurant equipment and has never been up north at the reservation, though it would be a nice gig if she had.

Oh merciful heavens.

We did get it done.  I paid the $27 for the state return. She's going to be fine.

Miss Maria, I do love you so incredibly much. Thank you for being your weird self and cracking us up.

Onward.  Life has never been better.  love you so, MOM

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

payton's 3rd birthday

All at once during the news, I saw Payton run past my bedroom window, the big one that overlooks the front yard.   Then Kirsten went by.

I was happy.

Surprise!  She was here with cupcakes and dog treats to celebrate Payton's third birthday.

There you go, Pay-pay, happy birthday girl.
She looks a little nervous here, a bit confused.

 But curiosity won.
And then there was a nibble.

Tim ate that cupcake.
Just kidding.  She gave it to the birthday pet.

Fun and silly and wonderful, a waiting for spring kind of evening.

A few pictures from yesterday--This is Maria trying to cook with a dog underfoot.  She always parks herself either in front of the cupboard with the pans, or else in front of the fridge.

And this little girl just makes me happy.  She's three now and talks a lot so we ask her questions so we can hear the answers.
And this?  No idea, but it made me laugh a little.  That's MY foot, in my bedroom and a basketball, of all things?  Who even took this picture?  No idea what the meaning of it is.

In other news, the Leprechauns came to visit yesterday.  They did their usual--messy room, candy, mean note.

This year's note said we are the biggest family they know and also the stupidest. 


I heard they also stopped by with insults at Heidi's house, and John's, and Dan's and insulted those grandchildren.    Alicia had a little video of their guys picking up candy and throwing in a bowl, and the little one said, "Blasted Leprechauns!"    Oh my goodness.

This has been a great week in so many ways, just wonderful, and it's only half over.

March?  You sweet thing--glad you're here.  

Payton?   Your enthusiasm and silliness makes us all smile.  love, Grandma

Saturday, March 15, 2014

better left unsaid

Okay, so my birthday is next month and they have asked me if I want anything special as a gift.

Nah, not really.

But then I thought about it.   My desk chair in the office is about fifteen years old and hideous.    The microwave in the kitchen is in a similar situation.    "I would like a new desk chair and a new microwave."

Well, the ads were on the kitchen table today and thumbing through the kids noticed Office Max has desk chairs for about $60, and Target has a microwave for $49.

So this is where the man then opens his mouth.  Laughing, he says, "So it would take only about a hundred bucks to quiet you up."

Quiet me up?

Buddy you should live to get so lucky.   I love you, you old coot,  ME

Thursday, March 13, 2014

a fine march thursday

 Dannell texted in the morning--did we want to go to the pool?

Well sure.   p.j. didn't have a bathing suit with her, so we had to stop at Target on the way, but no problem.

That outdoor pool is looking pretty inviting in the sun, even with the snow.

 Inside was bright and warm, just like last time.

 The water slide was open for a while.

After this was lunch, and then when they went home I got our taxes ready to take to the accountant, while Jay grilled burgers.

Ahhh, spring's getting here.    love, Val