Friday, March 31, 2017

april 1st

This day could only ever be about you.

Wearing moccasins and pants I sewed for you, laughing your head off in the kitchen?

Ours, entirely loved Baby Jay.

There was no finer baby than you.

There we are at the lake with Julia on our lap.  We loved you, Buddy, indeed.

1991, ready to head for Camp Sn OOOO py!!!

Years later, as a calm uncle:

Yes, a great from the young squirrel days:

You back in the tall, bald, and tender stage: 
Now??  Go forth and do well. We all love you like crazy.
Happy Birthday, Buddy.

Love entirely, Mom and Dad and Everybody

Thursday, March 30, 2017

a few pictures from the end of march, 2017

 These guys were here a bit.  We had a good time.

 We walked to the playground, first time this spring.

 On the walk home I asked him if he could see my house?  He scanned the horizon, not used to seeing it from this angle, but in a minute he picked it out and ran over, tried to climb the fence.

 This guy went around and waited for us.

 They have kind of a love - hate, like - scared attitude about Elin.  She's mostly sweet, and she's delighted when they're here, but she's overgrown and can be rough.   She put a scratch on the little one's back at the end of the day, being an idiot.

During the afternoon, they helped me wear her out, kicked empty detergent bottles around the yard and threw balls for her to chase after.  She loved it.

 Today Dan had the idea of taking these kids to the Roller Garden.  At first I couldn't wrap my brain around it.  Chasing that little girl around at the Roller Garden?  No way in hell.

Julia said she'd come with, so I was heartened.  When it came time to leave, she was still in bed, didn't remember having ever agreed to anything that ambitious.

We ventured forth without her.

I don't regret it.  It was a new thing for the boys, and Dan cracks me up regardless.  The little girl is emotional and unreasonable, but she ate some chicken nuggets and found the place entertaining as well as infuriating.

 He was getting the hang of it by the time we left.   I'd be willing to try it again.

And that's the end of that, and what a fine week it's been.

We have a new granddaughter due in August.

Wheee!    Love, Val

Monday, March 27, 2017

two sleepovers

 She slept over on Friday, but then also on Saturday because the Friday sleepover was so short.

They attempted to concoct Slime, but had a variety of ingredients and no reliable recipe.

It took a lot of experimentation.

 I kept sewing blankets while they worked.

Julia did perfect the Slime recipe yesterday afternoon, so that's a good thing.

These are all her Stress Balls.  There are a lot.

We were entertained by the sheer quantity and also concerned with her stress level. It seems very high to involve this many home made stress balls.

Sunday morning, when we should have been in church.

 We were not.

We were in bed watching Curious George, eating Red Velvet Cake on Grandpa's pillow.

We brushed out the crumbs at one point, but I did actually wash the sheets.  No worries.

She also went outside to try to catch squirrels.  No squirrels were captured, but she did notice how big the front yard is and commented, "I never walk around in your front yard."

No, not really. Not all that much. The road is  busy, and the traffic gets noisy.   But it is a big yard, fun to walk around in around the side, lots of trees.

Oh, my goodness.

I love you kids, MOM, aka GRANDMA

party on saturday

 John and Dannell's kids have all 4 birthdays within weeks of each other, so they held a quadruple party.

 Many characters were there. We had fun.

 I heard Julia and Tim were playing hide and seek and about took out the bounce house. Glad nothing bad happened.

And a lovely Saturday afternoon ended in long sunshine of long windows.

Love to all you birthday kids, love Grandma and Grandpa and Everybody