Sunday, July 30, 2017

the pajama league and a great afternoon

 The day started out with a kick ball game early in the morning, players in pajamas, in the wet grass, in the sun.

 As the morning went on, it became hot in the backyard and everyone ventured to the lake:

 There were fancy birthday cakes in the afternoon for Alicia and her mom:

It was a completely lovely weekend, great way to wrap up July.

Love forever, Val

alicia's birthday

 It was a gorgeous, perfect July day.

Except her baby was a little sick, though not too much.

But she was CRAN-ky.

There were some intensely un-hinged moments, both day and night.

Alicia persevered, though by the end, she was exhausted along with the child.

Dan lopped a chunk of his index finger off in a bad, unfortunate incident at work involving a box tape cutter, so he could not get his hand wet, which added an additional element of tediousness to the weekend.

(You can't put a wound like that in lake water. That would be stupid.)

 But we had fun.

 What's more perfect than a leaking drain trap?

A crowd assembled:

 Happy Birthday, most beautiful girl.

This whole family is better with you in it.  We all love you so incredibly much.

Love, Jay and Val and Everybody

end of july

Sweet July,

love, Val

july weekend, in the water

Love, Val