Thursday, July 31, 2014

from the weekend

I don't even know.   That's just Robert posing with Sidney.

 Heidi is making pickle wraps here.

Old video games:
 My cousin invited all us cousins to her house.

Her house is beautiful and so is the pool.

We all swam and everyone brought food.

In the red swimsuit there is my little cousin Doug, talking to Jay.  When Jay and I were married, Doug was a child, about ten years old.  He was a charming, tiny baby brother, now an accomplished construction manager.

He also has a good memory.

He remembers many things about us, specifically things about Jay and his old boat.  Jay used to load all my cousins in the back seat, across that wooden bench and take off like a bat out of hell, turning this way and that while the spray drenched them and they happily screamed along.

We were young fools, not attempting to create any memorable moments for anyone, but that's how life works out.

You just never know.

 At the lake another pool was purchased to amuse the babies.

This is the hot tub side. The other side is the splash pad side.


He's cold and wrapped up in a towel.   As soon as he warms up again, he's right in the fray.


I love all of you beyond all sense.  xo.   love, Val, aka Grandma

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

happy birthday alicia!

 It's fun to go looking for pictures.  I have some, but not usually great ones--ten people around a birthday cake, not of specific faces.

This one above I saw was dated 2007.   2007!   You people look exactly the same.

Thank you for another wonderful year of happiness and fun. 

Thanks for your kindness most of all, part of which is your sense of humor, and the giving of the benefit of the doubt.

The family is better because of you, obviously.  And our family, and your little family of four is lucky to have each other too.   

Happy Birthday!   And love always!   Val and Jay and EVERYBODY

storm clouds saturday night

 We sat on the deck in the evening and the clouds were crazy.
 It never did storm here, barely a little passing rain.

Beautiful July.    love, Val

Monday, July 28, 2014

more washburn county fair, 2014

 And then we came home adn these guys had arrived.

love, Grandma

Sunday, July 27, 2014

washburn county fair weekend

Shrimp and coloring books.

A delicate baby toad:

The fair:

 And then we ventured to the rides.  Woo. Hoo.

And then there's this, a picture Jay snapped of the three of us on the Tilt a Whirl.

This was one ride I used to drag the kids on, and John remembers it.  It's a ride that an adult can enjoy and yet a kid is not in particular danger either.

t.c. screamed, arms thrown overhead while the car whiled.

Later John speculated this might be the last time he and I would be on the Tilt a Whirl with a child.


A am so not dead yet.  John, don't be getting sentimental on me now about nonsense.

And yet.
When Julia is 53?   I will be 95, if I'm still even alive.

(This is why she is lucky she has big sisters.)

 Johann? Yeah, yeah, stop talking.   Love you all, Val