Tuesday, January 31, 2017

a january weekend

 There was the usual Friday night sleep-over.

Pinewood Derby in the morning.

 Party for Dad's birthday, Sunday afternoon.

 Cake time!

We have no pictures of the excellent carnival at Dannell's school, though we're still working eating the leftover popcorn.

And that is the end of that.

February awaits.

Nothing but love,  Val

Thursday, January 26, 2017

happy birthday, buddy

 January 26.  Yep. It's your day.

 It's about the time of the year when the days feel like they're starting to get longer again, less darkness.

Plus, two years ago this little darling turned up to make the day ever special.

 Heidi and Joe came over with cake, knowing I was working, so you would have some festivity.


Later on, we had cake again--another square cake, since my round pans were left at the lake last fall. All the crumbs came out and kept getting worse, so I threw chocolate chips on like it was intentional.

Whatever. It tastes the same.

Some pictures from the past, although I think you were wearing that sweatshirt today.

 You and our next-door neighbor at another neighbor's daughter's wedding:

 Kari and Tim back before Tim grew hair:

You and me:

 I do love you.

I also admire you in many ways, though not the ways you drive me nuts.

I admire your generosity and willingness to go the extra mile for all of us.

I admire that you never nitpick.  You don't criticize.  Even when you rant and are unreasonable, it's not personal, it's just life.  However we all are?  It's good enough for you and we know that.

Plus people text you pictures like this seeking help, and I just recoil.

I don't know what they should do about this, but probably something.  It's not good.

You just laughed and rolled your eyes.  Apparently you went over there when it was below 0 and took care of it.

Yeah.  Well, thank God someone knows what to do.  I can help you with your computer problems, your password re-sets while you holler, and place punctuation in your bids and invoices, patch your jeans and so forth, but THIS and actually, far worse?


Happy Birthday, Sweet Buddy.

We all love you so much.

Love, Val and Everybody

birthday girl

 Here's a picture from last year.   You look a little concerned.

Here's a picture from now, understandably nervous.  I remember being very nervous when it was time to talk to Santa too.

But look at you!  You turned from a baby into a little KID!

This is my favorite picture of you and me together.  You don't look one bit nervous.

Here's one from Saturday:

You funny little sassy girl--you are great, so good at being a sister, so much fun to know.

Watching you grow is going to be amazing.  We're lucky and we know it.

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart,

Love Grandma and Grandpa and Everybody.

(Here you are with your birthday buddy. xo)

Saturday, January 21, 2017

happy for kids

 It's been post-holiday, post-vacation, inauguration funk within me.  This whole week was such a drag.

Back to reality:  ugh.

My parents are gone for a long time.  It's gloomy and dark.

Just, ugh.

Well, some kids came to play yesterday and they made me happy.

 There was a sleepover with this cousin who made her way back from Disney earlier in the week.  Joe and p.j. drove to Florida with Kirsten taking her back to her house. They spent a couple days together having fun and flew back again.

The whole thing was made possible by patience and generosity.  John is generous with his frequent flyer miles.  Joe and Kirsten generous with their time and patience--1000 miles in the car. p.j.?  She was just lucky.  Dad and Aunt Kirsten and Disney and the beach at the ocean?  I mean, seriously.

So glad that going home was a celebration too.

Tonight was a hard fought basketball game lost by only a couple points and then supper at Pizza Ranch.  This ranch, sadly, had no animals, but the food was good.

 Posing for a serious photo:

 Another pose:
And that is the end of that.

It's been a long week.

Maria went back to school yesterday.  Yeah, gotta go back, I understand. It's life.

James left today.  I told him I was going to cry.  But I got busy so I wouldn't.


But all you kids?

You bring so much happiness.

I love all of you people incredibly much.

Love, Mom, aka Grandma