Sunday, July 31, 2011

learning to ski

Okay, here are some little people with big ideas.

Now t.c. is going to give it a try.


But he's happy anyway.

This takes a lot of patience, bringing the boat around again, and again, and again.

But I've never heard Jay complain.

John and Dan are helping Tim get ready for his turn.

Get the rope right here.

And there he goes! Poof.

"Think we're going to get anyone out of the water today?"

"Tough to say."

The helper side of it takes just as much patience as bringing the boat around--the getting the skis on, the holding, and coaching and, "You can do it! Don't stand up too fast. Let the boat do it."

There goes Julia.

Almost! Poof.

"Yep, we're doing good. Who's next?"

Oh, now we've got m.c. John's holding everything together until the tension in the rope is just right.

"Okay, GO!"

And she did it! She did it! Even people we don't even know swimming over at the sandbar were cheering.

Think he can do it? We'll find out.

Yes, he could. He's never even liked water all that much, but today was his day.

Hey, this is a funny picture of John just after he let go of the rope. Click on it to see it better.

Oh, happy July. In an hour and one minute, it'll be August. love, Val

a birthday at the lake

Yes, it's Alicia, Dan's wife of seven years now, mother to b.g.

There is the Alicia who goes to her very dignified job dressed up and perfect.

And then there is this Alicia who can be found at the lake--in a t-shirt and pigtails, baby on her lap.

I do love both. Plus I love that there's room for both.

Alicia, honey, thank you for your patience, your sense of humor, your kind heart, and everything you bring to this family. We're so lucky you're here. love always, Val and Jay

a super duper fairy house gone awry

It started out with a fairy house being built out of this stump.

Then a bungee cord got involved.

And then babies got involved, and water, and yeah.

He's bringing more water for the waterfall.

There's not much to say about a hot afternoon, and little boys, and a mess this much fun, except good thing they're washable. love, Grandma

storms on a saturday night

The sunset was weird looking.

Jay turned up beside me at the beach about this point, wondering what I was doing.

Here is the sky to the south.

And north

Toward the island--

The sky was dark from every angle, so we went back inside for a little one-card poker, a little shrimp, and some others played video games.

It was not a bad Saturday night, all in all. It was pretty good, actually, cool clouds and easy company. love, Val