Sunday, December 9, 2018

christmas program across town

 It was beautiful, and I was very sad to have missed it.

It's a long and very annoying story, so let's not hear it.

The program was beautiful and everyone had a wonderful time.

 Back at the house, they ate pizza and had fun. 

Here she is posing for a picture in front of that fateful tipped-over Christmas tree, apple of her mama's eye.

 All the gang:

 The two birthday buddies--  Jay loves that they share a birthday.

And now it's Monday and on to the new week.

Love, Val

cooky time

 Kari was home for the weekend, and so was James. 

It was a great weekend.

This girl stayed and helped  bake cookies. Others were invited too, but she was the only one, so we put her to work.
 She's good. Her cooky dough skills are getting up there.

The gingerbread?  I've baked this for decades, and it's delicious, but maybe I'm over it.  I was talking about this with Heidi and she suggested the cookies were maybe just too darn big.  Everyone is stuffed at the holidays already and a smaller cooky might be more welcome.

That's actually a good idea.

 If these are a waste, won't bake them anymore, but I found the smaller size kind of perfect.

And in preparation for the bacon and eggs cookies, the M & Ms were sorted. They all sacrificed themselves and ate these ones we won't need:


Love, Val

the winter band concert

 It was beautiful.  Others took these pictures because I was working.

 Nice work, Kids. 

Love, MOM

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

into december

 Heidi and I had lunch with my mom on Monday. She cooked, so delicious.  There was a Facebook thing a while ago about your favorite place to eat.  I felt like it was a restaurant choice, but immediately I thought, "My Mom's!"

This Santa and his wife were very cute, though their singing was annoyingly loud.  I glanced over and saw what I thought was a rodent tucked between them. 


I asked p.j. if she had stuck a rodent in there?

She said, "It's Rudolph, not a RODENT."

 Okay, I defer.

These are from today where they played with the sink again.  There was a bathtub for the doll off to the side because there was some fighting about whether dishes or the baby should be in the sink.

 After while we made a fort, which the child calls a Camper.  It was tricky figuring out how to anchor the corners of the blanket.   I closed one end in the window, tied another corner to the banister using the legs of a Halloween costume as a rope. A big planter held down another part, and that precarious stack of VHS tapes held the other one up.

 Then she urged her grandpa to get in the Camper and go to sleep.  He cooperated but there wasn't much sleep happening in there.  They had his phone for a flashlight and lots of questions.


Love, Val

choir concert

 We made it across town in traffic with time to spare, and the choir concert was just beautiful.
 That such young children could sing so beautifully--I was impressed.

 Our guy had a brief solo--nailed it!
So glad to be there on a cold night.

love, Grandma and Grandpa and Julia too

a great saturday

 It was the Christmas program at their school, as lovely as always.  Our guy is the tall blonde one over to the right in the plaid shirt.

These things make him nervous, which kind of makes him extra adorable.

This guy has taken up the violin and this group played beautifully.

 And then his guy's class sang. Darn microphone.

 This is a little better.
 In between there were sloppy joes eaten and games played, carnival style, gift tables, a bake sale.  It was so much fun, and honestly I have not laughed as much in a long time as I did that morning.

In the late afternoon we had to take p.j. home. She'd been with us all, partying at school.

It was a long meandering ride home in the snow, and slippery, but beautiful.  I gave Julia the camera and told her to take pictures if she wanted to.

 So much love, Val