Saturday, September 15, 2018

hot cabin day

 It was so hot outside today, so very humid.

 The water was crystal clear and Elin spent time chasing fish.  She caught zero, tried to catch zero.  But she likes watching them.

 It was so humid, it fogged the lens.

 We washed windows and put up Halloween decorations.

 We went to the Mexican restaurant in town for supper, then came back and jumped in the lake.

 She found parts of a crayfish, creepy and weird.

 He didn't want his picture taken, didn't care about the cool clouds. 

Just no.

 Another Halloween decoration, a projector to the wall of the shower house.

And that is that.

Love, Val

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

a special party

 They all teamed up and hosted this lovely party to celebrate the new baby.

What a beautiful night.

So much love, MOM

Sunday, September 9, 2018

weekend with jay's parents

 We had a very nice time.  It's beautiful there, and the air was bright and fresh, the water sparkly.

 She slept on the dock a while in the sun.

 And tried out her cousin's toys.

 We went for a long walk in the woods with Jay's mom.  His dad and Tim stayed at home.

 There was meandering boat ride.

Julia took these pictures with her phone.

After lunch today, we hugged them good bye and headed home.  What a nice weekend it was.

Thank you for having us, and so much love,

Jay and Val and Tim and Julia