Tuesday, July 12, 2011

bob the what?


Today, Maria and I were on the patio with this little girl, and this little boy.

She was chatting and mentioned something about Kari's barbie guy, Bob the Nudist.

Bob the Nudist?

Who has a barbie named Bob the NUDIST??

Yeah, he was always naked so Kari named him Bob the Nudist.

He was part of a prince and princess set, so he has goofy hair from when he wore a crown.


And his house is the cupboard under the sink up in the room.

He does marriage counseling for couples who want it.

And he's nice to hobos and hungry children.

He even lets them sit in his hot tub.

I laughed so hard Maria was worried about me.

Bob the Nudist?

I asked Kari about him and she laughed and said he's been around a long time. I said he sounds like a bit of a pervert.

She said, "Nah, he's all right."

Okay then.

Oh, goodness. I'm going to be okay too, probably.

Karinka-Doodle, I thought your crazy days were all done, but I'm happy to know that even in your more dignified self, there's still that old you.

Thank you forever for being my girl. love you so, Mom

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