Friday, April 28, 2017


Tonight I had to work, and I have to again in the morning, so Jay and a bunch of kids went to the lake without me.  I'll catch up with them tomorrow after I am done showing houses.

Tonight though?  Tonight was all mine.

 I found this flowered oilcloth in a gift shop up at the lake last summer, and tonight, since I wanted to wash and wax the kitchen floor, had to extract the chair from behind the table anyway, so it was time to recover it.  I'm happy.

I also recovered the stool next to the phone with a different oilcloth pattern.

 Then I texted with my mother and washed and waxed the floor.

And a fine Friday night it was.

love, Val

Thursday, April 27, 2017

thursday babies

Today was a fun cousin day.

The little one took care of babies and plays puzzles.  The curly-haired one doesn't totally get it, but she loves her cousin and tries to conform.

After they ate, I announced it was now naptime, and they grabbed their blankies and bottles and came with me to Tim's bed.

Mine pimento did not want to take a nap. She was up against me saying, "No, no, no," which I am not in favor of anybody saying no and being overpowered.  I told her if she would just play along, once her cousin was asleep she could get up again.

She relaxed against my chest.

And fell asleep before her cousin did and slept longer,  That little pimento was tired.

That's the end of today, which has moved on into tomorrow.

Nothing but love,


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

babysitting cousins

These two.


We tried to get that hair under control, but she was not a cooperator.


Plus, the one in the green shirt was fading. She started out strong, but in the afternoon, was sick and slept on the couch for hours.

 Last night we all went to my sister's house to meet a newborn baby SO Beautiful.  He's tiny and gorgeous and tender, and my niece is amazing and so is her guy.  This was the most wonderful evening, cuddling and admiring that gorgeous little newborn. I want to include pictures of him far and wide, but I don't have permission.

OMG.  This is a much awaited and beloved little baby.

Swingset today. They both fell off and cried in indignation. I think we need some grippy treads across that slippery seat.

 My granddaughters created these masterpieces this morning, both the tower and the Potato Head abstract creation.
 Here they are:

Okay good night.

See you Thursday, mine Pimento.  Your wild-haired cousin and I will be waiting for you.

Love, Grandma

Sunday, April 23, 2017

a walk at the lake

 We went up to the lake this weekend.  Jay wanted to get some work done.  I had to work also, have a real estate buyer I'm working with, so I went back to Minneapolis to show houses yesterday and then returned.   It's a lot of driving, but that's okay.

And driving through the Wisconsin countryside by myself is a weird thing because it brings my grandparents right to me close.

Memories of them, all four of them, washed over me for hours.  In a way I enjoyed it, and it also made me miss them.

John was up at the lake on Saturday, turned on the water in his cabin and then had to deal with LEAKS.  They were all taken care of by the end of the night.

Today we went for a walk to the dam and back to the field.

 Here's the backwater behind the sand bar.  Normally it can't be seen at all, but before leaves, yes.

 Last summer some trees blew down behind the dam in a storm, lifted the sod up like a rug.
 The power company came through this year again and cleared brush.  It's pretty tough looking right now, but Jay took the opportunity to rent a machine in town and push all the debris to the sides and smooth the dirt and throw down grass seed.   This  area is an attempt to create a little more parking space at the cabin.


And then?  We headed back to town because a listing has sold and had to meet to review the offer with the seller and sign.

It was a lovely weekend, all in all.

Love, Val

friday in april

 My nephew, Alex, gave me this bulb garden.  Tonight there's a pink tulip blooming.  Yay for spring.

The park behind us is green and fresh.
 Buds on the trees:

Love, Val

Friday, April 21, 2017

our guy is 5!

I'm so happy it's your BIRTHDAY!

So glad you're in this family--so glad you're you.

I love all your big ideas and chipper-chatter.   I love your fuzzy hair and long curly eyelashes.  I love your hugs and your laugh.

You're delightful in every way and always have been.

Happy Birthday, Buddy.

Love forever, Grandma and Grandpa and Everybody

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

easter, 2016

 We went to Pam and Paul's, and the kids were super excited.

 The video game crowd, all gathered together, and wow was it hot in that room.

 I love this cute trinket.  Pam's house is adorable.

 Easter egg hunt:


 And it ended with this:

Thank you for  hosting this spectacular day!

Love forever, Val and Everybody