Thursday, December 31, 2015

his fourth birthday

It's today.

He was born early in the morning on New Year's Eve four years ago.

 The gift opening was fast, but I'm a bit over all the constant blurry photos I get with my camera.

 Back when I used a film camera, a 35 mm with manual focus I never even had this many blurry pictures.

 It was a beautiful night with lots of happy kids all through the house.

 And this guy--he may be only four, but he knows how to advance a birthday party.  He kept telling us all what it was time to do next, and finally it was time for cake, and he knew what to do there too.

And you, beautiful, funny child,

This whole family is better because YOU are in it.   There's never been anyone else like you and we're lucky you're ours.

Love forever, Grandma, Grandpa and Everybody

Sunday, December 27, 2015

sleepover girls

 Kirsten's staying with us for a couple weeks, and her bed is pretty inviting for movie watching.

 We watched Four Christmases, pretty funny.

 And this insane nightlight was a gift, ei-yi-yi.

Okay, good night.

love, Val

family party, part 2, 2015

 Dannell is brave--she's pretty much always willing to play a board game with kids.  I don't know how she does it, but she has since she was a kid, and she's good at it.

 She keeps them on a right path with the rules.  They're shifty, but she's alert.

 After it had been snowing off and on all day, the sky was bright late in the night.

Love, Val, aka Mom, aka Grandma

family party, part 1, 2015

 They arrived ready to party.

 Heidi had the idea that while they were all dressed up and still in good moods, we should get a picture of them all.

 It was a little tricky, but good enough.

 As soon as she got here, p.j. found me to ask about presents.

Usually we eat first--there was a huge feast of holiday food.  We had meatballs and shrimp, cheesy potatoes and salad, cookies, and the others all brought food.  There was lasagna and garlic bread, bbq chicken and buffalo dip, more cookies.

Anyway, in the past we've eaten first, but I told p.j. there are no rules, and maybe what we should do is just open presents As Soon As Possible.

 Julia did a poll.  The adults were unconcerned either way, but the kids voted, and even at one point two voters were so excited they socked each other in the head.  Oh my goodness.

Yes, unanimous. Presents first.

love, Val, aka Grandma