Wednesday, November 22, 2017


 We have cleaned.

I made a list and we all got to work.  I take the bathrooms--kids don't want to clean those and I don't mind.

The stairways are vacuumed, the furniture dusted to the extent it is going to be.

Martin came last week and took care of the leaves in the yard.   We used to do this ourselves, rake and bag, and we still could.  We have a crew and plenty of rakes, but no way to dispose of them.  The garbage company no longer takes millions of leaves.

Thank goodness for people who do this efficiently and take away the leaves.

I washed the kitchen floor twice and put on two coats of wax, looking clean and shiny.

 Living room, which hardly even gets messy anymore now that the kids are big--except this room becomes a place where random items go to just sit around.  Even though we went over this room there are still items in it that don't belong here, but have been sitting around for a very long time.

Ugh. But whatever, moving on from that problem.
 Flowers!  Heidi taught Maria how to do this and Maria was systematic about it.

 Tomorrow at 5 am, which is in like 6 hours, we'll stuff the turkey and throw it in the oven.

I will vacuum a couple more times and then get on with putting butter in the butter dishes. We filled the salt and pepper shakers tonight.

Maria brought this from Florida a couple years ago, ready for the day:

Okay good night, and Happy Thanksgiving,

Love, Val

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

anticipating the holiday

Maria made this guy, glittery, hilarious and gorgeous:

Tomorrow we will dust everything and call this thing done.

There was once the fine story of a friend with a messy house with company coming who announced she was taking a nap, and then after that they would make a miracle happen.

Maria was incredulous. This house is a mess! From one end to the other!

It's a winning concept--both the nap and the miracle.

Tomorrow sometime we'll make that Miracle Happen.


No, no, now.  Don't be falling down. We're going to get it DONE.

We're going to be needing that miracle.

Love, Val

Thursday, November 16, 2017

a week of what it was

 This girl was here, getting babysat.  She's good. A cold virus took her out on Monday, but by the end of the week, she was fine again.
 Yep, working the play doh. Today she wrote on the wall at an appointment with crayons. Thank goodness diaper wipes scrubbed it off.
 We are thinking about tile for the back doorway in the family room and in the family room bathroom.  But we want it to match and blend with the rest of the house.

This is the bathroom next door to me, the main floor full bathroom.

This is the entryway by the front door.

 And here's the pink upstairs in the upstairs full bath.

 Still working on this.

Here's a cutie eating lunch:

 She was happy playing with toys for a while, but now Bart just is irritating her:

 Working on stickers. She thinks so hard I can hear her breathing while she concentrates.

 Another lovely nap. This kid knows how to live:

 After I sent this picture to her mother, I covered her up with a big fleece blanket my friend Beth sent us back in the day. She rolled over and cuddled into the blanket.

 She's figuring out her hands:

 There's the covered up picture with Beth's blanket:

 Dim light, gloomy week:

 We went to toddler time at the Community Center on Wednesday, met Alicia's sister in law there with her child, had a blast.

This rowdy fool would NOT get in her kennel, and I coaxed her with treats thrown in the kennel, but she's wise to me and I was starting to sweat anyway and don't need to be in a wrassling match with a 100 pound puppy.

We left her out. She chewed this block. Whoop de do.

 Okay, see that crystal bowl upside down? Her sausages are under there.  Did not eat.

Okay, then.

And that's the end of that. I caught her cold am as croaky as a frog, but I feel fine.

And this beautiful sweetheart has her driver's license.

Nothing but love.

Love, MOM, aka Grandma, aka Val

Sunday, November 12, 2017

kids in florida

Dan and Alicia took the kids to Florida for a vacation with Kirsten.  They all had a great time.

Now it's Sunday night and tomorrow is back to reality.  Thanks for sharing all these awesome pictures.   Love, Mom