Friday, December 29, 2017

okay, seriously?

 This is the little sister. She's getting more civilized by the day.

 But apparently there was a situation where she was in possession of her sister's lip balm.

 And she rubbed it all over her feet.

Okay, that's not right.

Then she complained that her feet were so greasy.


We all do have our problems.

It's all right.  The aunts bought her a new lip balm that hopefully can be kept out of enemy hands.

Or feet, as the case may be.

So much love, 


Thursday, December 28, 2017

fieldhouse party and the rest of the week

 It was a lovely post-Christmas week.

 Kirsten is good. She played board games and had so much fun with her nieces and her little sisters before she had to head home to Florida.
 Little Franky was so sweet all week. He was a pure pleasure.
 Checking out Barbieland:

 Whoops, Maria!

 Tired Franky:
 Today was a little guy's sixth birthday and they hosted a party at the Fieldhouse.  It was a great--so cold out, but in the Fieldhouse, pleasantly cool. The kids ran and jumped in bounce houses and played football.

 We laughed again about how the bounce houses have directions on the side that mention, "No Pets, and No Silly String."


Who would even consider such a thing?  Don't take your guinea pig in there.  Goodness.

They served lunch in the conference room.  I joked it was like a real estate closing with very, very tiny clients.

 Mr. Six.

Six is like the pinnacle of birthdays--everything about being six aligns with this kind of festivity.

 Cousins were there!

There you go, Sweet Buddy!  So happy to have been at your birthday party today and looking forward to the other party on New Year's Eve.

You are truly just the best guy, a one-of-a-kind tender sweetheart.  Even in your punk moments we just love you like crazy.

Happy Birthday, You.

The whole family is better with you.

Love forever, Grandma and Grandpa and Everybody

Monday, December 25, 2017

christmas day, 2017

 As we have for about ten years or more, we headed to Mark and Barb's to celebrate Christmas Day.

Dan's child LOVES this party SO MUCH he told his parents he wanted to have his birthday party hosted at Mark and Barb's.

 There were video games in the basement and so much laughing.

 Green powerade mustache, looking good.

 Jay's parents, relaxing in the living room. His dad was sick earlier this month, but is getting better every day.
 John and Grandma:
 Okay, after we came back home again, they slept a bit and then had a rousing game of Bean Boozled.  People actually threw up. Dirty socks? Curdled milk?


Okay good night.

Nothing but love,

Val, aka Grandma, aka MOM