Monday, December 11, 2017

thirty minutes until tuesday

 This girl was here today. She happily hung out in this bouncing contraption for about half an hour while I folded clothes and warmed up lunch for her sister.  I'd call this thing a success.

 And tonight after 8 pm when I finished working, I moved on to other work and wrapped presents for a couple hours, easy going and very fun.

 That's the dining room table a magnet for every kind of crap that collects. But this is not tonight's problem, no. We'll deal with this later, much later.

 Aww, my baby puppy:

As soon as I said the words, she crumpled to the floor for a belly rub.

Cruising into Christmas, speeding fast.  So much love, Val

Sunday, December 10, 2017

christmas program and frosting cookies

 It was the Christmas Program tonight, pretty adorable.

That's her in the gray dress, looking sharp.
 This one was actually pretty good, a little busy, but not loud.

 There was a Christmas cooky reception afterward, which we enjoyed, and then came home and frosted a million sugar cookies here.

They're all stacked between layers of waxed paper and safely in the freezer now.

Good night! It's Monday! 

Love, Val

Saturday, December 9, 2017

8 batches of sugar cookies and 8 batches of gingerbread

 We did it.  We started around 6 pm, and were done by the end of the evening.

These guys came to hang out for a couple hours while we baked, very nice.

 She's four months now, turning into a regular PERSON.
 The little one wrangled herself inclusion in the little Barbieland corner. She struggled to fit in, but she did okay.  Her sister and auntie tried to explain to her how things are done.

 These are Maria's guinea pigs, Dash and Bolt.

 I was pleasantly surprised to see they each have their own Christmas stockings.

(Maria, you're killing me.)

 She smiled for me, then agreed to pose with Maria's Christmas tree:

 Not sure what's being discussed here, but see the stacks of baked cookies:

 After the sugar cookies were done, we moved on to gingerbread.
 These pans were all exhumed from the cupboard because they will be needed tomorrow after the frosting happens.

The end.

Love, Val

the start of the cookies

 The bakers:

 I could not have done this without them.  They're intrepid and know what needs to be done.

 Working on the gingerbread:

 The dishes, ugh. They're long gone now.
 And this little cutie--I tried to get a picture of her for a while, but gave up. She's not a cooperator, doesn't smile or even hold still long enough to not be blurry.

Love, Val

one year of elin

 A year ago the dog breeder called to tell us she had a couple left over puppies.  We were waiting for a litter due in February, but just in case, maybe we were interested in a puppy now?

She sent a photo and we were so delighted to go get this extra puppy.  She was mostly black and people preferred more definite Landseer markings.  She also was a female, less in demand than the males, and she had an umbilical hernia--not a problem really, and easily repaired when she's spayed, which we have yet to do.

Yah, fine, we TOTALLY want the extra puppy!
 So this is a picture from last year when we were living around the clock in the puppy camp, kids taking turns sleeping in the family room with her, defending ourselves from her needle sharp teeth and sassy attitude.
 She was such a welcome balm, having said good bye to Sam in August. I knew I'd miss Sam, but the extent of it was terrible.  And Elin isn't Sam.  Sam was friendly and bold. Elin is cautiously friendly.  Sam would get up in my space and then inevitably shake her coat out, splattering slobber EVERYWHERE.  I hated it!  It made me holler, so aggravated.

Elin slobbers a fraction of what we were used to and never gets in my space and splatters slobber around.


Sam did this--and one time it went right in my mouth.  Ugh.  It tasted like exactly nothing, but I was still extremely disgusted.
A year later, we are finished with the teeth and the nipping. She still sleeps belly up.  We're also mostly done with that kennel.

For a while I was able to easily coax her in there with Hawaiian buns. (I mean, who wouldn't go after one of those?)  But this winter she happily sleeps in the kennel when she wants to with the door open, but resists being sent in there on my whims.

Okay, fine.

We've been leaving her out at night and when we're gone on errands and she causes no trouble.

 This is from Thursday, I think, a cozy nap on the couch  beside the belly-up dog.
 And this sugar plum nestled in her little nest.
 I took this photo of the mayhem after they'd gone home.


It's hurting nothing.

 And that's the end. 

Lots of love, Val