Thursday, October 31, 2013

trick or treating, 2013

We do this at my parents.  In our own neighborhood are people who have come here from all over the world.

Not everyone participates in Halloween. In fact, hardly any do.

So we could walk blocks to find participating households.  Over at my parents, everyone participates, so we go there.

Kirsten and Heidi came too, and also Dan and Alicia and their guys.  p.j. was SOOO excited b.g. was going to be there, she almost exploded in her monkey costume.

Her and her damned monkey.

The first time I said this to her about her precious Curious George, she said, "He not damned monkey. He nice."

I defer.

How could anyone not?

 The little guys were scared of Tim's mask.  Finally, he ran on ahead and the babies were much more at ease.

And then we went back to my parents and ate pizza and had a bit of a feast--handmade fudge and frosted sugar cookies too.  The family party is Saturday, so this was just a prelude to the fun to follow.

Okay, this is funny though, and Alicia and I were both a witness.  p.j. and b.g.'s little brother got into a fight over -- get this, a slice of fake cheese in the doll dishes.   Finally, in outrage, p.j. slapped all the fake food into kingdom come, plastic french fries flying and also the cheese, and wow.

Well, then the little guy did get a hold of the cheese, and then they both threw themselves down on the floor and cried.


Over a slice of fake cheese?  (It was okay. Feathers were smoothed.)

Oh my.  I couldn't make this stuff up.

Onward.  Tomorrow is Friday and it's bound to be wonderful.

Thanks, Mom and Dad for hosting this rowdy crew tonight.  It was great.

Here are a few more guys who will be at the party Saturday. You people look fantastic.

See you guys  there!  It's going to be GREAT.  love you all so, Grandma

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

pumpkin carving, 2013

It was fun. Heidi brought kits with patterns and little, tiny knives, unlike the usual big blades we operate.

The pattern is placed on the pumpkin, the rollers sketch it on the pumpkin flesh, and good luck to you.

I'm in awe. These squirrels are old enough to understand and do this.

When. Did. That. Happen?

Not complaining, just amazed.

Here she's busy scooping out the beans.

Sometimes she calls them the peanuts.  You know what she's talking about.

Stirring beans:

Julia worked and worked, and had chosen a pattern with many thin parts to it.

Thin margins are the hardest to support when it comes time to punch out the extra pumpkin rind.

It turned out well, but she was annoyed.  I understand.

Here's James' dinosaur pumpkin. We put them on the patio because it's cold out there, a big world-wide refrigerator.
Here are a couple pictures from the nursery today, where we bought the pumpkins.  They loved this statue, wanted me to buy it.


Yeah, pose for yer picture and keep on hoping.

Love, Val

Thursday, October 24, 2013

kirsten's birthday

Today was Kirsten's birthday.  Well, technically it's after midnight, so yesterday was.   It turned out great.

My parents came, and everybody did. We haven't had a party like this for a few months, but it was nice and loud.

Here he's counting, not giving anyone the finger.

Time for gifts:

After their big wild bath, they put on pajamas. and jumped up on my bed.  I hate it when they jump on the bed--I can see them flying off hitting their head on things.  So far this has never happened, but it could.

They were happy to see each other.  When b.g. showed up at the door, the little girl yelled, "Look-it! b.g. came home!"

And I teased  My Sweetie, what was he doing in my family room?  I looked up. There he was!  Oh my goodness.

We sang to Joe.

And Maria:

And Kirsten:

Kirsten, what a great day this was.  I loved that your co-workers surprised you at work, and that everyone made it here tonight.  It was fun to be all together in a big jumble.

You know it's true: This family is better because of you, lucky to have you.   We couldn't love you more.

Love, Mom and Dad and Everybody