Saturday, December 31, 2011

waiting for a second son

(Something written not all that long ago, saved in a draft file, laughs on us.)

That's what we're doing.  He lives right under the skin, almost like a born baby, knees and elbows and little pointed butt right there.

He's next on the agenda after Christmas.

His mama is married to our second son.

This one is Dannell and John's second son.

Okay, btw, Jay's a second son too.

And so his his father as well--that's his dad on the far right.

What this guy--b.g.'s little brother--will bring to our family, we have no idea.

But we anticipate it's going to be GREAT.

See you soon, Buddy.

love, Grandma

a very happy new year

Yes, this beautiful boy was born this morning. When Dan phoned in the moments after his birth, I really could hardly believe it.  We weren't looking for him for at least another week, but HERE HE IS.

He likes his mom.  He was so peaceful in her arms, would quiet right down.

He looked so tiny to us, but when I saw this, how long he is in her lap.

Oh, it's going to be so much fun getting to know this guy.

He's already surprising us! Oh, what a truly great day.

And here's the crowd I found late tonight after I made my way home.  The sky is rosy pink, snow falling, roads slippery.

Waiting for the ball to drop.

"That's what she said,"  hahahahaha.

Our cute friend who always spends New Year's Eve with us.

 The midnight toast with the pretend champagne, very fine.

So that is the end of that. 2011 is over, and what a grand finale it was--b.g.'s little brother born today.

We can't stop smiling. love, Grandma and Grandpa

Friday, December 30, 2011

build a bear friday

Today was the day!

It was awesome. John and Dannell treated all the kids to this party at Build a Bear, where they all (drumroll) built bears!

Here's the rack of amazing outfits.

That's Dan in the distance, keeping track of his adventurous kid.

Here's the lady explaining how the bears are filled with stuffing.

p.j. liked it. She wasn't even supposed to get a bear. They thought she wouldn't get that much out of it, gave her another gift.

Well, we hadn't been there FIVE SINGLE MINUTES before John and Dannell had picked her out a cupcake bear and John himself chose this fancy magenta satin gown.

Here are John and Danell, Dan's child in his arms, messing with his hat.

Here they are fluffing the fur on their bears with brushes and blowers.

Awww, they're all so cute.

Then we went to the playland and went nuts for a while, until they were sweaty and begging for water.

Here we are in the food court. John treated us all to pizza.  Honest to God, I have never eaten in a food court before in my life.

I'm 49 years old.

And I  LIKED it.

Here we are tonight, smart alecks playing the Justin Bieber Trivia game.

Yeah, I think an off-color joke was involved. Nobody would tell me what he said, except, "That's what SHE said." 

Okay, knuckleheads.

I'm leaving.


This is the Barbie color-on castle Kirsten brought them. She spoils them; it's a true story.  It got very quiet then, kids all coloring together, discussing the castle.

I think this whole bear adventure wore them right out. There wasn't one bit of squirrely giggling or racket tonight--everyone in their own beds, right asleep.

Tomorrow is the last day of 2011, and you know what? It's been a good year, a year we're glad for.

Thank you guys for this delightfully fun Christmas gift. The whole adventure far surpassed my expectations, from beginning to end.

love forever, Mom