Tuesday, July 31, 2012

her 31st birthday

 Here's Julia before the party, making cards.  I love this. See her face, spelling names, busy working?

And here he comes, dragging his suitcase.  I teased him, "Why you bringing a suitcase to my house?"

"Because I am sleeping OVER." 

Yes, indeed.   There's a lot of laughing down the hall right now, even.

She's sleeping over too, but she's as quiet as a cat.  She's observant, insightful, dramatic and funny.

No wonder she livens this house up.

 That guy opted not to sleep over. He wanted to go home and sleep with his DAD.

Here's Alicia, opening her birthday gifts:

 And Dan, offering wisecracks:

 This is John, talking to his baby.

 And my mother, hugging that same baby.

Time for cake!  Unfortunately, I did not bake the usual big, fat chocolate cake.  I was in a lazy mood. Plus, it's still very hot here, and the ice cream cakes seemed especially inviting.   Alica, of course, was gracious and never complained.

 I love how b.g.'s legs are flying out as he hangs on to her side for the candles.

And this is a great picture, not from tonight.  This is one Dan took of their boys, Alicia, and the cake he baked for her this past weekend.   I love this picture.  Alicia looks about twelve years old, not like the accomplished WOMAN she is, and b.g. is melting my heart in that old striped t shirt handed down from Little Jay and James, and his baby brother is just too juicy and cute for words.

I teased the baby brother tonight about being a little Norwegian.  He laughed. 

Oh, sweet beautiful Alicia, Happy, Happy Birthday.   This whole family is lucky for you and we know it.

Your gentleness, patience, sense of humor, and above all--kindness, is not lost on us.  You are good to us even when we're annoying, which is pretty much all the time.   The whole family is better with you in it.

Thanks for being our girl.  love forever, Val

Monday, July 30, 2012

all the way around the lake

She did it!

Very nice, very nice.   love you, Mom

Sunday, July 29, 2012

and then?

 We went home again,  back to the lake, where it was much cooler and the water was fresh and bright.

 And spent the evening enjoying it.   July, July, July.  You've been fantastic.  love, Val

washburn county fair, part 4 rides

It was a bit high.  I tried to let go and not freak out. Lydia looks freaked out.

He does not, trolling around in the Thomas Train.

 Here's the guy for admission to the Tilt A Whirl, my favorite ride, holding  full plate of food while handling tickets.  I like him.

love, Val

washburn county fair, part 3

 This guy and his parrot caught my eye, and I took this picture.  He realized we were looking at him, so I crooked my finger and he came  over to look at the picture, then posed for this one.

 THEN, he came out of the booth and handed the bird to ME.

Oh my goodness, that's a brave and trusting bird.  love, Val

washburn county fair, part 2

Small town, friendly, fun.

This was some small town school house, and m.c. ran inside to see if it was anything kids would want to see. 

She said yes.
 A local urchin, having a nap in a quiet shady place:

Inside the old school house above.

Outside the old school house below. This vehicle meets all the criteria Dannell and I insist upon:  seat belts and roll cage.  A neighbor rolled an ATV on Father's Day a few years ago and sustained a closed head injury.

That's pretty self-explanatory.

 Roll cage and seat belts required.  Too bad the price tag dangling was nearly $20,000. Get out, Kids.

Now they're touring a fish house.  Last year it was so warm fish houses could hardly be placed on area lakes.  Trucks sure couldn't trailer them out.  It was, to quote a person I love, "a shit show."

 So, no fancy, HEAVY, ice houses either.  (Can't we just buy fish?)

Okay, time for some rides.  love, Val