Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Okay, so there are problems in this old house.

Serious problems.

 One little disruption in the paint was the only clue to the moisture destruction, and WHY?

I called a carpenter we know, someone we've known over twenty years and asked him to come by and LOOK AT THIS.

What is happening to our HOUSE?

Jay met with him, and according to the kids they shot the breeze, standing on the flat roof for at least an hour.

I'm good with that.

After that appointment, I checked in with Jay and asked, "What does he say about our house?"

Jay:  "He says you're crazy."




I said, "That's an actual quote? He said this?"  (The carpenter is an extremely polite person.)

"Well, no."

Okay, so if your plaster all falls off your walls and so forth?

Just know.

It's because you're crazy.

The good news is there's nothing seriously wrong with the house. It looks a lot worse than it is.

Todd, the carpenter, had useful input about what we need to do.

So there we are.

Him and me.

 I love him.

Buddy, I love you.

And I know you worship me as a God.  But no, my mental powers of CRAZY-ness cannot cause the plaster to fall off our walls.

(I'm an old Robert Palmer fan, and here's where the line from Simply Irresistible kept running through my mind, "She's so fine, there's no telling where the money went." )

crazy since forever

And no, I didn't hatch a nefarious banana plot on your plumbing van.

I never would.


love forever, Val

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