Wednesday, September 9, 2015

labor day weekend

The swamp next door, so pretty.

 And there was lots of swimming.

 A couple weeks ago we had a baby snapping turtle in a bucket for an afternoon, just because he was so darn cute.

This week it was the neighbors.  Later in the evening, they let him go again too.  They had rocks and sticks in the bucket for him to rest on, and he was so little bitty with a very long tail.

 Fish were caught.

And let go again.

And there was also some hollering by the neighbor in the blue shorts as that little fisherman swung out a cast that slid right past his nose.

Fishing with babies?


 Here's a close up of the island. There were boats anchored there along the shore, people swimming.

 And some jumping off the dock action for the thrill-seeking tiny guy.

And now?

This has been a fine week, back to reality and all.

Summer?  I love you so much.

love, Val

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