Sunday, October 23, 2016

last boat ride of the year

 It took a bit of wrangling, lots of tired, overly-energetic kids, required actual socks, shoes, jackets with hoods, beyond just the usual throw on a life jacket.

 By the time we headed out it was turning dark--evenings are so short now at the end of October.

 These were some rowdy passengers.

 This side of the lake was smooth as glass, and that lovely fall color, dark like bottle glass.

 Dan and Alicia's baby girl:

 And then we made our way back over to the fire for baths, marshmallows in the fire, and bedtime.

It's fine, but also a little wistful to see this summer end.

Last spring we didn't imagine we'd lose Sam along the way, best grandbaby-lake-loving dog ever.

But here we are, love drawing us all forward, even the love of and for a generous, kind-hearted canine.

Love, Val

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