Wednesday, October 5, 2016

sweet maria

Today was gorgeous, and this maple always turns color first, and did not disappoint.

We moved into this house right before Halloween in 1988, knew nothing about this tree.  Well, it's one of my favorite signs of fall, one of the best things about this house.

And today, right on schedule, it's your birthday!

(A cute picture of Maria and a little friend of hers.)

And a few oldies from the past:

This is a picture of us dressing you on the morning you were born.  No idea what I'm saying to you, and I look like garbage, and that window shade did go into the garbage when I saw it later in the photos.

What I remember most about that morning is how perfectly delighted we were with YOU.

And this is a favorite.  Little Jay has unzipped his Barney pajamas and is offering to nurse you.

Does not get any sweeter than that.
But look at your face. Can't even use your hands yet, but you've mastered the skeptical expression.

 That's you and Kirsten on the day Kari was born.

And you with Sidney, who is asleep in bed with Dad here next to me now.

 You and Tim on an overly excited Christmas Eve:

 You and Kari and James:

 Oh, yes.

Maria, this whole family is lucky because you're here with us.

Happy Birthday, Darling.

We could not love you more.

Love, Mom and Dad and Everybody

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  1. It always amazes me how quickly the time flies. You do a great job of documenting Val!