Sunday, August 6, 2017

august 6, 2017

 Jay and his brother did a little water skiing this weekend, and so did one nephew.  It was pretty quiet--very different from the rowdy tubers we usually deal with.

 Last summer the brother pulled a hamstring, and it was a pretty painful injury with dramatic bruising and a lot of pain.

This happened to my little brother when he was in college, and Jay literally had to grab him by the life jacket and the seat of his bathing suit and haul him over the edge of the boat.  His leg was swollen and purple.

John and Dan were very small.  Out of concern for my brother, they loaded up their ViewMaster and all the slides and took it to him for entertainment while he was laid up.

He accepted this gift, and thanked them.

These pictures are from that summer, kind of capture the affectionately hyper relationship they shared.

 Dad watching you kids, back in the day:

Seriously, Heidi. Why? 

You two fools, 1986:

Today, sailing on glass:

Love you all so very much, Val

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