Sunday, August 2, 2015


 Heidi and Joe moved, and we have a few pictures.

Not a lot. It wasn't really a photogenic kind of situation.

She's always photogenic.

 That's some intense foil wallpaper:

 This bathroom, yeah. The home inspector said it might be the ugliest bathtub he'd ever seen.

I think?

It works.  Look away.  Learn to like it.

He doesn't flag decorating, after all.

 Her trusty brothers and dad painted bedrooms.  This guy is an expert edger.

His niece's room looks beautiful.

 And the putting away. That'll go on for a while.

 Here are a couple cute kids from Thursday night.

Okay, August.

We are ready for you, ready for some sun and peacefulness and  get on it.

love, Val

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