Monday, August 10, 2015

pretty weekend

It was a pretty quiet weekend.  The kids participated in an event in town called The Mud Run.

I'll have to see if I can find any pictures of that.  We would have liked to watch, but nobody even knew exactly where it was when they left.  

That's okay.  The pictures told the whole story.

And then late Sunday morning, the texts came, "Where are you?"

Where am I?

Yeah.  I had totally spaced out a brunch invitation--one that I'd been very looking forward to.

Plus, this wan't even a meet at a restaurant kind of deal.  Our friends had prepared food and no doubt done some cleaning and other preparations, and yeah.

I was appalled at how I'd wasted her time.  Of course the friend was gracious and loving.  That's how she is and is also the nature of our relationship..  

But it couldn't be fixed, and I apologized and she said it was okay.  

But it's not. Not with me at all.

John tried to show me how to use a calendar app for my phone which may or may not help.  I'm not  normally disorganized.

Onward.    And thankful for the love and frienship of patient and generous people..    love, Val

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