Friday, August 28, 2015

state fair, 2015

We did this.

Haven't been there in many years.

The kids remember the trip from 2006. I had eight kids along that time. This time I had only three.

The little one was a trooper. She napped in the pouch, then was carried around, rode in the stroller and when she couldn't hold her head up anymore, was inserted back into the pouch.

Where she was strapped to Heidi's body.

And she is not all that light.

But it worked. Heidi didn't complain.

 The Kiddy Midway was a big hit.

I stupidly thought this was some sort of Flintstones ride.


It was a Wiener Dog roller coaster.

There you go.

 This was a Lady Bug Ride.  The announcer totally made the ride, blasting 80s music and ordering the riders to scream on cue.

(Theme song to Fresh Prince of Bel Air?  Michael Jackson Billie Jean?  It was fine, but very, very loud.)

 We ventured to the barns.

When we were kids and went to the State Fair, we spent time in the barns, admiring animals and so forth.

They did pet a few sheep and watch one being carefully sheared and pet a baby pig, while the pig farmer talked about a hog farm's carbon footprint.

No argument from me.

I have no idea.
 These pictures was taken in the cattle barn.

 As we approached the barns, Julia and Lydia saw this fancy ride and had a bright idea.

 Away they sailed, into the summer sky:

Anyway, it was a great day.

Happy Summer.

Is there anything but?

love, Val

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