Thursday, September 22, 2016

changing lightbulbs

It's fall, so about 2/3 of the light bulbs in this house have suddenly gone out.

I've been going here and there with my little ladder changing bulbs all over the place.

Two bathrooms had gone completely dark, and that was a pain in the neck.

We went to Menards, bought bulbs, ($35!! for light bulbs and a $1.19 package of starters, just in case.)

So, this bathroom off the family room is small and narrow, and I was attempting to adjust new bulbs into a 60 year old light fixture, carefully twisting them in millimeters this way and that, sweating and tweaking.

And THIS PERSON came racing in and shut the door and then started handling everything: the tubes, the packaging, trying to turn on the water, under my arm, between my legs.

It was hot in there, especially with the door shut, and then?

The piece de resistance?

The poopy diaper.

In a hot, little, closed room.

Of course.  Why not?

Little funny Girl?
You're an explosion.

Yes, You're an explosion of emotion and energy and with your sister p.j. gone all day at school, and no Sam in the house, it's good you have a big personality and a lot of energy to propel us into action.

Now I'm going to open a window and find the wipes.

I love you, Darling.

love, Grandma

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