Friday, September 16, 2016


p.j. started school last week, and she’s happy to go.   She also has a loose tooth, and called my  sister yesterday to let her know too.  

It’s weird after all these years of her here with us, to be in our days without her.  We’ll adjust in time, but it’s so quiet around here.  She’s such a sunshine, funny observations, self-sufficient and interesting.

Tonight she was here for a sleep over and of course was upset when it was time to go to bed—late for her, very late.  Still mad, not done playing Barbies, no way!

We can’t be too tired to enjoy tomorrow, Honey!

Still mad.

I rested on Julia’s bed next to her while Julia took a shower, and she was asleep within one minute, Curious George under her arm, having angrily turned her back to me.

 The light was soft off the stairway, shadowy pink room,  blonde 40’s bedroom furniture that was once Jay’s grandparents, in the room where p.j.’s mother, Heidi, and Kirsten used to camp out, which later became Maria’s room and is now Julia’s. 

I love this house like an old friend.  We fix and repair, and we paint this old girl, year after year, but this is a good place to be, upstairs in the dark beside a child I love, listening to the shower and the fan quietly blowing, an occasional car passing in the busy street out front.

Two little girls were here for lunch today.  When the polka dot child cried after her mom left, the other one looked concerned, then climbed up on the couch and hugged us, and patted her on the head. She only cried a minute, and was soon busy playing.  

Cousins having lunch on a Friday at Grandma's?  (We had fried rice.)  Best day of the week.

Big Jay and Maria cooked all evening, making food for the weekend, and tomorrow approaches.

Love always, Val

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