Monday, September 19, 2016

peaceful weekend

 We spent the weekend in Wisconsin with my parents.

 Dan and Heidi were there, Heidi with both her kids, Dan with only one of his.

 p.j.'s little sister:
 This hammock was SO MUCH FUN they eventually destroyed the post that held up the feet.

Not sure what's to be done about that. If my dad needs help putting in a new post, we can provide manpower.

 My mom spent a whole day cleaning the log cabin so they could play in there. They played with the Barbie house and all the dolls my brother's child outgrew.

 The did art in the art studio. The little guy in the orange shirt called it, "The Lab,"which cracked us up. He's so sweet.

My parents kept company with Heidi while she painted.
 They broke out the mini-bikes:

 She asked for this ride and he took her around and back in big loops through the field and woods. She loved it.

 Apple trees, carefully protected from deer:

Kari, aka Lydia said she'd slept better there than even in her own bed--the soft bed, the sweet-smelling sheets, waking up in the sun in a pile of pillows, to the smell of melting butter and pancakes.

Kind of a little piece of heaven.

Thank you for having us.

Love forever, Jay and Val and all the rest

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