Thursday, November 17, 2016

national honor society

We had this Monday night--Kari's NHS night as a junior.

It's November.

These are Tim's bare knees. In November.
Today I called my brother about some computer problem, and when I checked back with him to tell him we'd figured it out he said, "Yes, I called your house, and some Manly-Type Person told me it was taken care of."

(Manly-Type?)  That was the kid who was flapping around smarting off his mouth and I told him to go look at that computer again if he had so much energy.  Some little device wasn't pushed into the socket. Voila. Wi-fi.

Anyway, here's the orchestra warming up, so lovely.
 And our girl is right there in the middle. She's worked hard and earned it.

So proud of you, Girl.  So proud.

love forever you guys, MOM

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