Thursday, November 24, 2016

thanksgiving, 2016

 It was a lovely long day, is not even over indeed yet, with a grandchild on her grandpa's pillow now.

 This is a bouquet Kirsten sent to Maria, prettiest bouquet on the table:

 More flowers.  I do love fresh flowers.

 Maria made this out of printer paper. Wow.

 A poo-tell:
 And the feasting begins. We did pause to say grace, but after that, all bets were off.

Aggressive eaters:

 That big red pillow under her granpa's head? She snatched it from another who was using it.

 She's checking out Rudolph.

 Don't take pictures of me, NOOOOOO

 Okay then, fine.

Santa is back again, ready to say hi.

 John and his baby:
 Joe and his baby:
 The little Santa on the flat roof:

 Loving Maria's guinea pigs, Dash and Bolt:

 Kids + Guinea Pigs = Good Combination

 Our little Santa on the flat roof:

 And Auntie and a Niece watching Matilda:

And that's the fine end of a fine Thanksgiving.

Best wishes to us all.

Love, Val

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