Monday, November 7, 2016

sunday working

 We worked on leaves. Tim ran the mower.

He got up there scraping, and it was worse than it looked from the ground.

 I cleaned the kitchen cupboards and drawers.  I enjoy washing the pretty dishes and putting them back all sparkly in clean cupboards.  (Dealing with drawers and tossing expired spices? Meh.)

The stove has standing pilots and they make some kind of greasy dust that gets on the dishes and surfaces up high.   409 cuts it like magic.

And in the bottom cupboard where the pans are?  Mouse poop.   I think we're done with mice now for the year.  And there were stray onions in the back of that cupboard by the dishwasher.  I poked them out with a stick, scared to touch them.

The plastic storage containers were so out of control.

Anyway, it's all clean and beautiful now.
 One more coat and this will be presentable for another twenty years.


November is looking pretty good.

Love, Val

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