Monday, January 16, 2017

whale watching

 This was the only formal thing we did--just a four hour whale watching tour out in the Banderas Bay.   We got up as the sun was coming up and took a taxi to the marina.

The guide announced this was an ECO TOUR, not a PARTY BOAT.

No alcohol or anything else, no funny business, and no littering.

Okay, got it. (It was only 8 am, my expectations were in line with that.)


There weren't a lot of people on this catamaran.  It was very quiet, people expectant and enjoying the breeze.  The guides warned we'd see something--dolphins at the very least. Usually whales, but not always.

 There were dolphins, fascinating to watch.  I didn't realize they were so big.

Binoculars would have been nice, but it was great just this way. The whale slapped that big fin against the water, flicked its tail and left.

 Later on, as we were heading back, a humpback whale jumped right out of the water.  I missed it, saw only the splash, but a few people did see it.

 Love, Val

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