Wednesday, January 18, 2017

braces happening!

 This is our quickly growing Elin, asleep in the shoe pile near the back door.  She's about as sweet as candy, velvety and goofy clumsy.

This is Julia who got her Invsalign orthodontia today, excited!

She has no teeth called the Laterals.  Congenital defect.  I am missing one molar.  John two.  Julia has no laterals--the teeth between the front teeth and the eye teeth.    It's a huge problem that was never going to go away.

 Here are the little Invisalign trays in their case.  New ones every two weeks.  Rubber bands pull the eye teeth back as the trays squeeze the front teeth into place, creating a space for those missing laterals.   Later on she can get implants.   A bridge or a partial plate called a flipper could also work to fill that space.

Happy day and onward.


Love, Val

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