Saturday, February 3, 2018

ice skating

 Last night I said they should wear helmets, but she refused, "I have seen spiders in those horrible helmets!"

Last summer maybe. Spiders are all froze to death now. (We store the helmets in the playhouse in the back  yard.)   Julia said they wouldn't fit her.

Okay, fine.  Just remember: One time Dannell fell playing broomball at the park, and hit her head on the ice and had a concussion and we had to go to the Emergency Room.  She was confused and kept asking us why her head hurt so badly.  When they asked for her address, asked where she lived, she frowned, and then didn't even try to give an address, just pointed at John and me and said, "I live with them."

Be careful.

They were.  Grandpa took them while I was showing a house, so they were supervised.They fell a lot, but no injuries. Eventually they just ran around in their boots.  And then there was hot chocolate, homemade ravioli for supper, and a trip to Target.

Happy Saturday!

Love, Grandma

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