Saturday, February 3, 2018

photos of and by the baby

 February arrived with more light and longer days--so happy to turn the page on that calendar.

Tim had an eye doctor appointment, and this kid is a bit rambunctious for that office, but Heather was happy to stay with her.  Heather is creative in entertaining her, and as long as they're safe, that's all I really care about, and they are.

So, the child went shopping in the cabinet where we used to store homeschool crap and miscellaneous art supplies.  It definitely kept her busy.  There was a big sheet of contact paper, older than the hills, yellowed along the sides that amused her all day.  I threw it away in the evening.

 Then the little one started taking the pictures, and there were some good ones. This is cute of Heather, even with the thumb in the way.

Oh yeah, cords.



Love, Val

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