Sunday, February 4, 2018

so much sickness

 This girl was here with her brother on Friday. She's fine at this point, but her daycare was closed.  But her brother had a rash and wasn't well.  He had to leave school early on Monday because he didn't feel well, and both the parents and older brother were sick too at points in the last week or so.

John's family has been sick.  He had the flu and it made its way through the house.  I think they're all well again.  I hope.

We had sick people here this weekend too.  Why??

The brother showed me this toy and explained something about the flower between the princesses.  It has something to do with The Beast. It loses petals or something.   I tossed Beauty and the Beast from the house years ago, and did not remember this.

But there you go:

Here they are, hopefully feeling better this week.

And tonight there is more puking at Heidi's. 


Love, Grandma

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