Monday, September 3, 2012

and yet more

 Kirsten and Maria went down to the sandbar with Kirby's little dog.

Sam followed, and there are bunch of people there we don't know.   The men pondered on this big dog approaching.  (Sam was trying to take care of her family.)   Anyway, Jay wandered down there to fetch her back and reassure the people that the Sam is harmless.  

(She put up with Tim and Julia in the back seat of a Toyota tonight and never growled once. She's a far bigger person than I am.)

 These are our kind neighbors talking with my sweetie, l.c.

 Tim's bored.
Lydia, aka Kari, testing out the patch on the tube before they put the red cover back on.  We had to dig around in the junk drawer for a patch kit, and none seemed quite right, but one did work.

And onward.   It's barely Saturday.  love, Val

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