Saturday, December 12, 2015

baking cookies, 2015

 This girl stopped by with her mom and they left the big sister here while they went Christmas shopping. This one can't talk yet and give away any surprises.

 It was hard to get started.  I procrastinated a while.   Then, finally I had to fire up the oven and get the show on the road.

 The dishes and soap and washing and wiping and sheer mess.  It's over now.

Frosting tomorrow.  I'll wash the floor next week.

 This trusty assistant with superb cooky skills would not smile for a photo.

That's okay. You know how to roll and cut cookies and for that I thank you.

She also showed up and aligned pretzel sticks and placed M&Ms until we were done.

These two boys came here to play while their parents went to an adult Christmas party. The big one told me they didn't ever want to go to any boring parties.  "I would rather come here and stay at this house."  That's sweet.

Then the little one was bringing ice cream to the big one while he was on the toilet. I didn't know that was the situation, but the little one did.  He opened the door and offered the ice cream sandwich.

To a guy on the toilet.

The big objected, did a little yell, and then whammed the door knob right into the other guy's forehead.

 I am such a mom.  I snapped at him, "If you don't want it right now, just say so, don't bonk him in the head!"

He peered at me, sitting there on the toilet.

I said, "Do you want it in here or should I leave it on the little table?"

He said he wanted it now.  I handed it to him and we shut the door.

Good Lord.
 These picture are kids trying to wheedle their way into the downstairs where Little Jay and Katie are working on a project.


Jay made pancakes and fried egg sandwiches for supper.

 They said to take a picture of his butt.

There's a fine photo of a man loading the dishwasher.  Nothing wrong with that.

Kari is in the middle of this pile of kids on the big chair, all looking at who knows what.

We got it done. Christmas program and frosting cookies tomorrow.

Kirsten is expected to arrive by tomorrow evening.

All good.

love, Val

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