Monday, December 21, 2015

babysitting at not-the-flophouse-motel

It's the week before Christmas and kids have had colds and the energy is super-duper high.

 We went across town and watched these guys on Saturday night.  That's my grandma's old couch. I hear it's excellent for napping.

No, I don't know why he's wearing a tin foil hat.

 And she decided her grandpa was the greatest EVER and was all over him all evening.

 Pizza and Christmas cookies and lots of fun.

 This morning, early, as Jay was waking up all the sleepy people in this house, he received a bad phone call.

Nobody wants that at 7 on a Monday morning.  A toilet had come off the wall at the gas station.


Now he would have to start out re-doing the work he did last week? And who wants to touch a gas station toilet either?

(It was fine, not off the wall, just loose, concrete still hardening.)

Anyway, as he was yelling up the stairs, in his frustration with the gas station situation he said something about Get Up Now.  "This is not the Flop-House-Motel!"


Okay, then.
Well, after he left, they could not quit laughing.  James said he wished it were the Flop House Motel because then maybe he could get some  %^&^%& sleep.   We laughed our heads off.

And tomorrow's Tuesday and we're cruising into Christmas.

love always, Val

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