Thursday, December 3, 2015

the end of the night

I walked around, checking the locks. We don't lock the doors all that much, but at the end of the day, yes.

We have a lockbox on one of the doors, so any random kids can get in, but the rest of the doors we have no keys for.

Maybe we were given some when we bought the house back in 1988.  We don't remember.

 As I headed for the doors, this was the canine I first encountered.

(Who turned the date stamp on with my camera??  Some kids did.  Annoying.)

And this, the Christmas living room.

I could stay here all year.
 This night light belonged to my grandpa's mother.

I have this and one or two other tangible remembrances of her.

 She was wonderful and loved my Grandpa and his sweet, fearless wife so much, my grandma.

And she and my mother loved each other dearly.  That's ME in the lap of my grandfather's parents Maude and Roy.

I look at their beaming faces and wish I could reach back and tell them that now I get it.

I get how beloved that big, confused-looking baby has always been.

I'm lucky to have her night light in my living room, and I know it.

December, you mixed up month, full of overwhelming expectations?

May we find reassurance and comfort in you.


love, Val

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