Monday, December 14, 2015


 The gang was here today and they played and made a huge mess, but that was fine.

Then I was looking for the baby's shoe at the end of the afternoon, so it seemed pretty obvious the way to find the shoe was to clean up the mess.

I picked up toys, knelt down and peered under the couch, and finally asked the kids to help me.

 Then the kid said, "Oh, that shoe? I put it in the diaper bag."

Well, at least the toys were picked up and all.

 I think the kids are done playing with that big box and we can cut it up and put it in the recycling

 We went to the mall for a Santa pic.  Downtown at Macy's was discussed, but in the end, the mall seemed waaaay less intense on a slushy, dark night.

Success!  And the picture was snapped before the baby did.

Merry Christmas.

love, Val

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