Wednesday, June 17, 2015

a baby girl got baptised

 Here's before the service, "Smile!"

He tried.

Here's during the baptism, him hoisting up his little brother for a good view.

 They have a Children's Sermon every Sunday.  This particular morning, the Children's Sermon was for them to come up and witness the baptism right close up.

Jay and Maria are the little girl's godparents.

They were honored.

 After church, we headed to the party room/gym at John's work for a feast and celebration.

Here they are, extending their little arms to raise the bounce house:

 And we all ate and had fun.

 We sang Happy Birthday to John too, and the boys worked at cutting slices of ice cream cake--so delicious, but such a work out to serve.

They got it done though.

 My mom and Dan:

 The baptism girl, not in her gown anymore and very happy to be chilling in underwear.

I'll find a picture of her in her fancy dress to include.

 He's telling me something earnest and somewhat serious.

What a great day.

Little girl, we are so happy you're one of us.  love forever, Grandma and Grandpa and Everyone

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