Saturday, June 13, 2015

a kids fishing trip

 It took a good long amount of time to get all the fishing poles ready.  But it was time well spent.  The whole operation was smooth once we were out on the lake in a sunny cove.

 Julia wakes up so slowly in the morning.  She could use a pot of coffee to get going, but she's a little too young for that still.

You can imagine the feeling.  But now she's awake and coming back to herself.

 And this little girl is telling me something in these pictures.   I'm not even sure what.

 I am still, and forever, completely captivated by that little face, those fancy, exotic blue eyes, the perfect lips.

Her mama's been on maternity leave for a month now, so we're not spending all our days together. She's home with her family most of the time.

Apparently absence does make the heart grow fonder because in a normal week, she pays me about as much attention as an old chair.

But this weekend I got more spontaneous squeezes and was told at least half a dozen times, "I love you."

"Yeah?  I love you too."

 Okay, now we're getting down to the fun. We're hot and sick of fishing.  (All fish thrown back--not enough big fish for a meal--let them go back and grow a while.)

Time to get back to the cabin and go swimming.

 And children drive the boat.  In circles. Way too fast.

That's all right.

There was nobody else on the lake to bother.

Whee.  We had a great time.  All thanks to KIDS.

And my grown children will ask me to watch this grandchild or that one, or a few for a couple hours, and they creep up to the subject and apologize.

Are you kidding me??

If I can?  The answer is YES.

There is nothing else I'd rather do than be with your kid, watching Cars for the ten hundredth time, eating grilled cheese and breaking up fights?


Love you all, MOM, aka GRANDMA. Also known to that guy in the black shirt as Val

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