Wednesday, June 17, 2015

a happy saturday

 We made our way home from the cabin to attend a niece's graduation party.  This mini van, ugly and dorky as it may be, is sure a comfortable in-between option for travel.

Here's Sidney, on my lap, wishing for Maria.

 Only a few pictures were taken at the grad party, and not even one of the graduate. I didn't want to barge up in her face with a camera.  She's beautiful and sweet, a lovely, supportive cousin to all my kids, and she's excited to be heading to college and all the adventure that will bring.

(It's going to be great.)
 This cute one is Jay's dad and Jay, and the backs of my dad and John.

 This little angel is a niece's child, holding my little grandchild, and she was so excited to cuddle that baby.  Awww.

It was a very nice evening.

Congratulations, Sweetheart.

Into the future!  love, Aunt Val and Everybody

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