Monday, June 13, 2016


Saturday was perfectly gorgeous.

 This little twerp posed for a picture.  He looks so much like Dannell's dad it cracks me up.

 These road crossing signs were purchased at Fleet Farm last week.  We put one at each end of the road where the series of cabins starts and ends.

We could hardly believe how effective they were.  People approached and slowed way, way down, crept slowly through, looking carefully.

 It was impressive.  We put them away when we all left, stored them in the shower house where others from our group can get them out if we're not there.

What we don't want to do is leave them out all the time--then people who drive through will become accustomed to them and not care.  We only want them out when people are actually staying in the cabins, to warn that yeah, people are here now, including kids.

 What a gorgeous Saturday.  Sweet, beautiful June.

love, Val

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