Monday, June 20, 2016

little pool!

 The Little Pool at Triangle Park opened last week.

Today after my real estate appointment, p.j. was severely BUGGING me about getting the pool pass purchased so they could go to the POOL.

Tim rode along so he could supervise the two of them in the car while I did this. ($35, unlimited use, Yay!) Then he came along and helped out.  Because I asked him to. This was the first day, not sure how this was going to go.

First we stopped at Dan and Alicia's where James is babysitting this summer and tried to help those guys get out the door.

After a weekend at the lake, finding the bathing suits, etc. was a little challenging.  This family ran back into this house late yesterday and the parents were now at work. They probably knew where things were, but James and I were guessing.

James told me it was further complicated because he has no idea what the baby's bathing suit even looks like.  (I found it in a second, on top of a laundry basket. I knew what to look for.) I changed her into it, while he corralled the brothers and looked for towels.

When we sent them upstairs to change, we could hear them and their cousin over the baby monitor laughing and not necessarily changing. I called up the stairs, "Get on suits!"

In a minute they were back in the living room changing.

Then James went bathroom to bathroom, up and down, muttering, "I know there have to be three towels in this house somewhere."

As we were leaving, the Little Brother had no flip flops, no shoes.  I told him, "I saw a pair in your parents bathroom on top of the cabinet next to the sink."

Pretty specific.

Nah, he couldn't find them.

I went back there with him and repeated that and pointed. He cheered, "Those are MINE!"

Exactly.  Let's go.
 We had a good time, dragged out all the Little Pool toys, which were entirely new to these girls, newborns that they were last summer.

The other kids ran all around with the horde of children at the pool, happy to be there.

 Tim used to adore this place. Today he was commenting about how he swam all around this pool like it was an ocean, once upon a time, snorkel and mask, hour upon hour.

Now the water doesn't even reach his knees.


Lots of love. Always love, Val

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