Thursday, June 2, 2016

the soul of? and who is supposedly sick?

 Last night I heard from Dan, asking if I could keep this kid who didn't feel all that great yesterday.

Yeah, sure.

As long as he isn't actively puking or exhibiting some other alarming symptom, that's fine.

 He recovered nicely overnight.  At one point during the day I saw him outside with the rest of the gang, swilling Mountain Dew (the last remnants) from a two liter bottle.

I was aghast.  "Would your parents want you drinking that??"  He looked guilty and handed the bottle to me with two swallows at the bottom.  I told him to finish it off and throw the bottle in the recycling.

Good grief.  That is not a sick child.

 They wanted the sprinklers, which was fine.

Later we had some odd conversations on the patio.

There' s a commercial I see on TV during the morning news--"Inside every dog is the soul of a wolf."

Yesterday I asked p.j. about this regarding her dog:  "Do you think Morgan has the soul of a wolf?"

She didn't even look up:  "Buffalo."

Today I told b.g. this and he threw his head back laughing, just as I had.  I asked him about his own dog, Bella, a Sheltie.  Does she have the soul of a wolf?

He said, "The soul of a SNAKE."

Oh my goodness.
 Then Little Jay's name came up, and we talked about him, because he also resented being forced outside into nature when the weather was nice.  Jay would have preferred to be inside with his GameBoy at all times.

The little guy was surprised to hear that Jay studied a lot of science and works in a laboratory. Yep, it's true:  Little Jay has studied every kind of science there is and is going back to school in the fall to study more science.

b.g.'s eyes were wide.

Little Jay told me he's still not sure what Heidi and Kirsten do for a living.  "Analyze data. They're business analysts."

Yep.  Whatever the heck that means.

My own dad is a tool and die maker, precision metal stampings. Try explaining that to people who don't know.

 This is me, trying to see my email in the sun.  Good Luck.

Anyway, it was a great day, lots of fun.

I do love you kids, love, Grandma, aka MOM

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